The iPhone Antenna Song [Video]

youtube Ok, I’m sorry, but this guy totally cracks me up. With just a few days until I have baby #3 (yes, it is currently nameless… we are working on that!)… I could definitely use a good laugh and this video did the trick! Not only is the guy just funny but, I love what he says at the end of the video. I also think it’s hillarious that Apple opened their press conference today with this video. I’m sure many of you have already seen it but if you haven’t… totally worth checking out (video below).

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  1. iPhone user says

    Hey guys this antenna problem exist for everyphone as jobs said. Ifounnd 3GS HAVE MORE DRAMATIC DROP IF YOU TOUCH APPLE LOGO AT THE BACK AND THE SIDEMETALS TOGETHER!!

    • Yup. I took my 3GS out of its case and held it the way I normally would when browsing, with my hand wrapped firmly around the bottom of the phone, and my signal completely dropped.. My first reaction wasn’t to curse Apple’s name, it was “well, I shouldn’t hold it like that without the case.”

  2. bring it back bring it back to the apple store.. lol… cant wait to get mine! stupid 2 year 3GS price plan!