Tribal 1.004

Tribal Tribal is an insanely good target shooter game! The point of the game is to tap the targets on the screen. Tapping the target signs, the faces, and the stars will get you points but if you tap on a bomb, you will lose one of your three lives. You have 30 seconds to get a certain amount of points or you will also lose a life. On easy, this game is easy, hence the mode name. The real fun comes when playing on hard, your fingers will have to work diligently. There is a high score table to give you a reason for coming back for more. The most notable thing about this game are the graphics. The visual affects and animations are some of the better ones for iPhone applications. Tribal was developed by NICO&CO and designed by SPRITEATTACK. You can get Tribal from the iSpazio source, and trust me, you should really try it!! Check out the screen shots below.

Tribal 1.004 Tribal 1.004 Tribal 1.004 Tribal 1.004 Tribal 1.004 Tribal 1.004 Tribal 1.004 Tribal 1.004 Tribal 1.004

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  1. cool_guy says

    I really love the game…. I wish we can put our names in the highscore table…

  2. Yeah ! Perfect game, I can play it all day long.

  3. Hi is that normal that i have no sound for the game.

  4. Very nice game!
    Just installed it and give it a quick play on easy mode.
    Nice animations, gameplay…

    Wish it had some sound effects though :)

  5. High Quality game !
    Briliant ^^

  6. Addictive!

  7. yes it’s normal that you don’t have the sound

  8. Very cool game! Definitely needs some sound effects though.

  9. cant download :(

  10. Really one af tha best games i’ve tried, Can’nt stop plain, Plz HELp hahahaha

    Thanx a lot, keep em comin :-)

  11. Yep, yep, yep

    Def really cool game, my whole family is addicted to it, trying to beat each others scores. By the way what are some of your scores? At the moment our highest is 11415.


  12. Can anyone explain for me why this application keeps crashing on my iPhone?? I installed it twice, but the problem’s still there. I’m on 1.1.4.

  13. Definitely a fun game, and like always I found out bout it thanks to this ever-so awesome site. Thanks :D

  14. Anonymous says

    i have got 3,098,725points its definatly the best game ever……… highly addictive

  15. for some reason i can install the game but i cant play it. it keeps on crashing. im on 1.1.4.
    i’ve uninstalled and installed again but it just doesnt load.

    please help!

  16. @edan i had this problem with something else. The problem was an app i downloaded before that wouldnt let me download anything, so delete any recent apps you downloaded.

  17. I have the iSpazio source added, but when I search in all my packages for tribal, it doesn’t fin anything…

  18. same problem here

  19. I don’t think this game is hosted on ispazio anymore.

  20. where can we find this game? ispazio isn’t hosting this game anymore

  21. yeah, you can no longer find this game in ispazio, and i irritated because it looks really like a fantastic game to me, i really wish to have it. Anyone please?

  22. Anyone kwno an alternative source. I have tribal saved in my computer but when copied to my iphone it doesn’t works, even changing the files permitions to 0755

  23. Can someone give me alt source. r direct download of the app plz.

  24. i want this for 2.0.1!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Why can`t i find the game i have the sources but i cant find the game

    take it, take it, take it…