Rockfall 1.00

Rockfall Rockfall is a game developed by Pyrofer based off the classic game, Boudlerdash. When you open the application you will see a high score table and the buttons “new game” and “continue”. Once you start the game you will see the guy that you are controlling and a bunch of information at the bottom (level,gems,time,level number). You will also notice that there are no control buttons. In order to move the character, you have to tap at the middle of each side of your iphone. So tapping the middle right will move your character to the right, tapping in the middle left will move the character to the left…etc. The objective of the game is to get all the green gems and get to the exit without getting crushed by the rocks. I honestly cannot recommend this game. The controls feel weird and stiff. There is no way to make the guy move by just holding a direction down and the game just doesn’t feel smooth. You can get Rockfall from the Pyrofer’s Project source.

Rockfall 1.00 Rockfall 1.00 Rockfall 1.00 Rockfall 1.00

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  1. The graphics is not quite good .. huh ?

  2. what is this 1986??

  3. Thanks for the feedback!

    The game is now greatly improved. Controls now work much better. This was a beta version, and hence free.
    As for “is this 1986”, whats wrong with 1986??? I loved the original and tried to keep true.
    Anyway, the beta source is now down.