New SummerBoard Theme – Digg

There is a new SummerBoard theme out in the Installer today. Usually, I only do posts on the themes that I really like. Well, Doug asked me to do a post about this theme because it is one that he really likes! The theme is titled Digg. According to the designer, the theme is based off the colors and shapes of (which we all love!). I like it because it is very clean. It looks good both with and without icon labels. Let us know in the comments what you think of it. The Digg iPhone Theme is available through the AppTapp source.

Note: There is also a Digg Alternate iPhone Theme avialble in the Installer, also by Louie Mantia, that is based on the “yellow story counters on”

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  1. Great! i love it except on mine its missing the most important icon..

    the installer icon.

  2. Nice theme.. since i upgraded to 1.1.3 like 2 months ago, im not able to use summerboard..

    What can the problem be? I install it but when i choose a theme, the theme is not activated.. i tired with the patches as well but nothing happened..

    Thanks, fuser

  3. About the reflection on the dock. Is it based on the theme you used? or you can install something to make it reflect? If it’s based on the theme, will the reflection reflect whatever icons you put on the dock?

    • The reflective dock is through the Kate (formally known as Caterpillar) application. It will reflect any icon that is in the Dock. It’s totally sweet.

  4. Ahhh! Thanks for the tip! Love this Digg theme :D

  5. This is so sweet, it just needs WAY MORE icons .. and it needs to be organized, not strangely-named icons floating around in that forum thread

  6. Hi Brooke, thanks for the help… The truth is that everytime i see an update or a new app on the installer, i wait till you guys post a review about it before i install it..

    I installed cydia a while ago, you mentioned it in a post but you never said how to remove it.. it cant be uninstalled from installer..

    fuser from Argentina

  7. John Larsson says

    But why is there sooooo many icons missing? just getting 5 icons that belong to the theme… thanks for answers!