Sketches 0.7b7

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Sketches The update to Sketches 0.7b7 only has one change that I have noticed. You are now able to shake to erase your drawings. A few updates ago, that feature was removed, but it looks like they have added it back in! Other than that, I do not notice any visual changes to the application. Let me know in the comments if you notice anything. Sketches is available through the AppTapp Offical source.

Note: Available on 1.1.4 and below

PhoneZap 1.3.8

PhoneZap The update to PhoneZap fixes a bug in the Ringtone creating section of the application. In the previous version, if you have a period in the title of a ringtone, it would not work. They have fixed it in version 1.3.8 so that you can have a period in the title of a ringtone. PhoneZap is available through the AppTapp source.

PhoneZap 1.3.8

Sketches 0.7b5

Sketches The update to version 0.7b5 of Sketches does not add any new features or make any huge visual changes to the application. However, it does fix a bug and make some improvements to the app. Some small visual changes include the Camera and Photo icons are slightly different and they also now have the indented button background. The main icon has also been updated…it is much cleaner around the edges. The bug fix has to do with Sketches not correctly remembering the last drawing when you close the application. There were also Twitter improvements which include, [Read more…]

PhoneZap 1.3.7

PhoneZap This update to PhoneZap claims to have fixed all bugs when creating ringtones! I did have a few issues after installing the update…every time I opened the application, it would just close back to the SpringBoard. So, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it which fixed the problem. Once in the application, I was able to easily create a ringtone and save it. However, I can not for the life of me get the ringtones I create to set as my ringtone! I go into Settings/Sounds/Ringtone and choose my ringtone…it plays the preview just fine but, [Read more…]

Custom Digg Theme

Digg is a theme inspired by made by the famous Louie Mantia. Digg is by far my favorite theme of all the themes I have ever used or ever seen. It is just so clean and beautiful :). It only comes with stock application icons but, I made a package with more custom icons in it. If you can not find the specific custom icon you are looking for, you can just rename one of the other icons I have provided. You can get the Digg theme from the AppTapp source. Check out the screenshots below!

1. Install Digg Theme

2. Get the custom icon pack HERE

3. Download and Unzip the package.
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PhoneZap 1.2.9

PhoneZap Since the last version of PhoneZap, you are now able to delete comments posted on your Zaps. Which is definitely a nice feature. They have also implemented a filter that keeps inappropriate images from being displayed in the public Zapz. Another great feature! Besides those two features, there have also been a number of bug fixes. And, I have actually noticed a pretty decent improvement in the functionally of the application. I do not get nearly as much glitching as in the previous version. PhoneZap is available through the AppTapp source.

PhoneZap 1.2.9

StreetFlow 0.9 – Update

StreetFlow I was looking at StreetFlow today and realized that there are a few features I didn’t notice when I did my first review of version 0.9. One of the features includes default images for some restaurants, if there has not already been an image submitted by a user. There are even different default images based on the type of restaurant. Also, when you tap on a comment, there is the option to add that person to your Friends List. Until I saw this feature I was always confused on how I added people to my Friends List, now I know! I’m not sure how I missed these features…I’m guessing the application didn’t update properly and when I restored my iPhone yesterday and installed it from scratch, they showed up. Either way, still one of my absolute favorite apps. StreetFlow is available through the AppTapp source.

StreetFlow 0.9 - Update StreetFlow 0.9 - Update

Sketches 0.7b4

sketches The update to Sketches is slightly surprising. Though, I have a theory on why this is! The update to version 0.7b4 of Sketches actually removes a few options from the application instead of adding them. However, lets start from the beginning. The first change you will see is that Sketches has a new icon…which is the reason I looked for five minutes before Doug finally found the app on my SpringBoard. When you open the application, you will notice that the theme has changed. Instead of the clear or red themes from the previous version you will now be greeted with a brown theme…reminds me of Starbucks! On the main screen, none of the options have changed. You can still email your creation, send it to Twitter, export it to your Photo Album, change the colors, add shapes, take a picture, import an image and so on.

The changes come in the Setup Menu. You no longer have the option to [Read more…]

PhoneZap 1.2.4

PhoneZap I do not see any huge visual changes or new features with the update to version 1.2.4 of PhoneZap. However, I did notice on the main PZ page there are a few new options including; Zaps you have commented on and a new Home option. The Lastest Zaps option has been removed. There is also a Important New and Updates link. If selected, you will get a nice little warning about posting inappropriate material and more information about the application which goes through some features that will be implement in the next 24-48 hours and some of the known bugs (see screenshots). I also noticed [Read more…]

Installer 3.11

Installer The update to Installer version 3.11 adds the search feature to the Uninstall Category. Which I think is great…there have been so many times when it would have been faster to search for an app then trying to find it somewhere in my Uninstall list!

Update (thanks to cool_guy): Version 3.11 also allows you to refresh one source at a time! All you have to do is go into the Sources Category, select the source you would like to refresh and then select Refresh Now!! Very cool guys…props! Check out the screenshots below to see what it looks like.

Installer 3.11 Installer 3.11 Installer 3.11 [Read more…]

StreetFlow 0.9

StreetFlow The update to version 0.9 of StreetFlow does not make any visual changes to the app (at least from what I can tell!) It does however change the app from the iApp-a-Day source to the AppTapp Official source and makes it a Featured Application in the Installer. Which I was happy to see. Since the day it was released, this remains as one of my favorite iPhone applications!

StreetFlow 0.9

PhoneZap 1.2.3

PhoneZap PhoneZap is a beta networking app that allows you to share photos and messages and create ringtones. When the app opens, you will need to set up your user name and password. Once you have done that, you can get into the main application. You will notice a lower menu bar with the options; Zaps, Post, Messages, Prefs and Ringtones. The Zaps options allows you to see a live stream of the photos that are being posted using PhoneZap. If you tap on one of the photos, you are able to see the photo a little bigger, leave a comment and add the user as a Favorite User. There are also three more options in the upper right corner; [Read more…]

New SummerBoard Theme – Digg

There is a new SummerBoard theme out in the Installer today. Usually, I only do posts on the themes that I really like. Well, Doug asked me to do a post about this theme because it is one that he really likes! The theme is titled Digg. According to the designer, the theme is based off the colors and shapes of (which we all love!). I like it because it is very clean. It looks good both with and without icon labels. Let us know in the comments what you think of it. The Digg iPhone Theme is available through the AppTapp source.

Note: There is also a Digg Alternate iPhone Theme avialble in the Installer, also by Louie Mantia, that is based on the “yellow story counters on”

New Digg Themes New Digg Themes New Digg Themes [Read more…]

Installer 3.1

Installer There is an update to Installer, bringing it to version 3.1. I only noticed one new feature with the update but, it is HUGE! You are now able to search for applications! A search bar has been added to the top of the Installer. It searches within each category. If you are in All Packages, it will search within All Packages. If you are in Recent Packages, it will search within Recent Packages. It also updates the search as you type in the title of the app, giving you the most relevant apps based on each letter you enter. It is really cool! I also noticed that the applications now have headings as well. This makes it a little more organized. Overall…very cool update!

Update: After looking around…I also noticed that the update to Installer allows more then three lines in the description field. Check out the screenshots below…one is of the new version of Kate before the Installer update and the other is after. There are four lines in the description field where it used to be cut off.

Installer 3.1 Installer 3.1 Installer 3.1 [Read more…]

Twinkle 0.75

Twinkle Yay! Clickable links! and that’s not all! Now everyone can see the image you took with Twinkle via a link in your Tweet! Ok, enough with the exclamation points but this is really sweet. I also noticed the distance I choose in “Near Me” stays even after a respring. One more feature I noticed was that you can now follow people. Seems to be a glitch though, if I’m already following someone the button still says follow, I tap follow then it changed to stop following. It should start as stop following if I’m already following them. Do you follow me? :) [Read more…]