PhoneZap 1.3.7

PhoneZap This update to PhoneZap claims to have fixed all bugs when creating ringtones! I did have a few issues after installing the update…every time I opened the application, it would just close back to the SpringBoard. So, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it which fixed the problem. Once in the application, I was able to easily create a ringtone and save it. However, I can not for the life of me get the ringtones I create to set as my ringtone! I go into Settings/Sounds/Ringtone and choose my ringtone…it plays the preview just fine but, when someone calls it plays the Marimba ringtone and not the ringtone I chose! Let me know in the comments if it is working for you. I wish it would work…I have a ton of ringtones I want to create!! It also seems that they are going to be releasing version 1.4.0 soon which will have quite a few new features. PhoneZap is available through the AppTapp source.

PhoneZap 1.3.7

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  1. Ringtones 2.87 works great.

  2. It worked for on an earlier version but as soon as the springboard restarted the ringtone disappeared and since you restart the springboard a couple of times per day I unistalled the app. maybe I should givethis version a try or waite for 1.4 :)

  3. dear brooke,
    i have figured out this problem, all that you have to do is create the ringtone, and after creating it, go back to spring board, create as much ringtones as you want and once you are done, select from the setting the ringtone that u desire, and then restart your phone….taraaaaaaaaaaa this will absolutely work, however in the old version, whenever you sync your phone with itunes, all ringtones will be deleted, i dunno if the update solved this bug! lets try

  4. does this work on 1.1.1??

  5. the previous version created the ”subfolder” custom, and now all the created ringtones are put under Standard…and all those ringtones I created with the previous version, are NOT under Standard, they are still under Custom (in Settings) and can not be deleted in Phonezap (they are not even listed)…why is that???

    I also liked the previous folder creation, because you had all the created ringtones right at the top of the screen – I liked that because than you don’t have to scroll down and look for them…

  6. Updated, thanks!
    However, I did install the previous version and created a ringtone from a song in my library, I’ve used it for only one contact and it has always worked fine.

  7. for some eason i cant update the phonezap it keeps sayin
    Error main script execution failed

  8. i cannot get the update to install . i get the main script execution failed! i am running 1.2.9 phonezap and i have bsd subsystem any ideas?

  9. I get the same error as above ^^^
    it does this for iphysics too
    I looked all around the web cab u please help us its really annoying lol
    also I saw a “installer fix” under the recent packages awhile back but it said do not install cause it wasn’t ready
    does anyone know the source for this?

  10. I’m getting just the same error! IN fact i tried uninstalling and reinstalling but the following happened:
    – unisntalled fine, but when tried to install i wasn’t able to do that
    – i turned off and on the phone and Phone zap appears again in my SB and works fine except for the ringtone thing… however I can’t find the app in the uninstall tab, nor can’t install it again =S.

    very weird tat app is unistalled but still can use it…

    im on 1.1.3 with BSD subsystem installed…

    Help please!!

  11. i’m new to the iWorld…thank you for creating this app.


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