SysInfoPlus – Detailed Info about your iPhone and/or iPod Touch

Ok guys, here is the deal…I’m going to do my best to explain this application however, I have to admit that about half of it means absolutely nothing to me! :) So, I will keep it brief and give you some screenshots (hopefully I don’t leave any info that I shouldn’t in the screenshots!!).

Here we go, SysInfoPlus is basically an application that gives you probably every piece of information available to give about your iPhone or iPod Touch. When you open the app you will see five options on the lower menu bar; System, Process, Memory, Disk and Network.

In the System option, you will find a ton of system information. Everything from Load Average to Battery Info to Network Interface Info to Storage Specs to Device Info to Kernel Info to Hardware Info. I mean seriously…like everything you could ever want to know!
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AiS Guys…I’m soo excited. I sat down to write a few posts as we travel and what happens, I look down and I have 3G on my iPhone!!! We do not have 3G where we live (we are supposed to have it no later than Thanksgiving) but we are currently going through Minneapolis, Minnesota and for the first time we have 3G!! YAY!! So, I took a few screenshots and Doug did a quick network test using iNetwork Test (an App Store app). We are currently getting around 1304kbps download where we normally get between 50-150kps. So…I was totally excited. It is amazing what a difference there is when you have 3G!! Everything seems to run faster…even just loading all my text messages! Let us know in the comments what you think of your 3G or lack there of!
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StumblerPlus 1.0.1

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

StumblerPlus StumblerPlus is a WiFi network finder. When you open the application, you will get the main screen where you will notice a Scan option in the upper left corner. When you select Scan, you will get a list of WiFi networks in the area. You can then select a network and get more info about it. Here is what you will get; SSID, BSSID, OUI Vendor, RSSI, Singal Strength, Channel, AP Mode, Beacon Interval, WPA, WEP and Hidden Network. Do not ask me what any of that means!! Hopefully none of it is private! But, if you are into all knowing all that stuff…there you go. Check out the screenshots below!
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Twitxr 0.7

Twitxr Version 0.7 of Twitxr changes the application’s logo. Instead of red, the logo is now pink. They have also added a blurb to the Post option letting you know that all the photos that you post using Twitxr are available via a webpage. You can go to and view the photos you have sent. Twitxr is avialable through the BigBoss source.

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PhoneZap 1.3.8

PhoneZap The update to PhoneZap fixes a bug in the Ringtone creating section of the application. In the previous version, if you have a period in the title of a ringtone, it would not work. They have fixed it in version 1.3.8 so that you can have a period in the title of a ringtone. PhoneZap is available through the AppTapp source.

PhoneZap 1.3.8

BeenThere 0.12

BeenThere I only notice two visual change in the update to version 0.12 of BeenThere. On the main menu page, the options have been reordered. The Picture option if now first followed by the Title, Message, Tags and GeoLoc. I think this makes a lot more sense. They have also added a BeenThere! option in the upper left corner. If selected, it will bring you directly to the BeenThere website. A very smart implimentation! BeenThere is avialable through the Trivalware source.

BeenThere 0.12 BeenThere 0.12

PhoneZap 1.3.7

PhoneZap This update to PhoneZap claims to have fixed all bugs when creating ringtones! I did have a few issues after installing the update…every time I opened the application, it would just close back to the SpringBoard. So, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it which fixed the problem. Once in the application, I was able to easily create a ringtone and save it. However, I can not for the life of me get the ringtones I create to set as my ringtone! I go into Settings/Sounds/Ringtone and choose my ringtone…it plays the preview just fine but, [Read more…]