Twitxr 0.7

Twitxr Version 0.7 of Twitxr changes the application’s logo. Instead of red, the logo is now pink. They have also added a blurb to the Post option letting you know that all the photos that you post using Twitxr are available via a webpage. You can go to and view the photos you have sent. Twitxr is avialable through the BigBoss source.

Twitxr 0.7 Twitxr 0.7 Twitxr 0.7 [Read more…]

Twitxr 0.6

Twitxr The only visual change that I see with the update to version 0.6 of Twitxr is that in the preferences you can now Create a New User. When you create a new user, it will sign you out of your current login. It would be cool if it listed both of them and you could just choose the user you wanted. Other than that, the app seems to function the same as in previous versions. Twitxr is available through the BigBoss source.

Twitxr 0.6 Twitxr 0.6

Twitxr 0.5

Twitxr Twitxr is an iPhone app for the website Twitxr allows you to publish a picture to your Twitter account. From the iPhone you can either take a photo from within Twitxr or pull photos from your camera roll. If you choose to take a picture it will show up in your camera roll later. Once you choose your picture you just type your text and send it. It posts to your Twitxr account which then posts to your Twitter with a link to the photo. Other features include seeing other users pics from Twitxr, recording your location (is only seen on the Twitxr website) and toggle for high res picture (turn off for faster edge experience). [Read more…]