Download Ringtones Wirelessly – Overview

Download Ringtones Wirelessly Another new feature of the 3.1 firmware is the ability to download ringtones wirelessly from your iPhone or iPod touch. Currently there are over 30,000 ringtones available from all 4 of the major music labels. The ringtones are $1.29 (USD) each.

To view this new feature, you will need to go into the iTunes application and then the More option on the lower menu bar. Here you will see a Ringtones option in the menu. Once selected, you have the ability to view Featured, Top Tens (by genres) or Genres of ringtones. [Read more…]

3.1 Firmware Available Today – Genius and Ringtones

Apple Apple has just announced at the “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it.” event that the 3.1 firmware will be available today in iTunes. The update will be free for all iPhones and for iPod touches that are already on the 3.0 firmware. The 3.1 firmware includes a few new features however, they only touched on a few which include; Genius and Ringtones.

The Genius feature will make recommendations for new apps based on the apps you already own. It will give you a list of recommended apps and why they have recommended them. The Genius section will be located in the App Store application in the Features option. At the top of the Features page it will now have tabs for New, What’s Hot and Genius. [Read more…]

WinterBoard Mods

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Below are a few WinterBoard mods that are available in Cydia. The theme, Tinker Bell (via BigBoss), changes just the basic icons and also adds a wallpaper to the Tinker Bell wallpaper to the lock screen. There is also a nice SMS mod called Winter Night SMS (via BigBoss). If you are starting to winter/Holiday itch…you might want to check out this SMS theme. Speaking of holidays…the last mod is Christmas Ringtones (via BigBoss). If you install Christmas Ringtones it will add three ringtones (Holly Jolly Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch) in with your stock ringtones. This is a very easy way to add ringtones to your iPhone! Holly Jolly Christmas and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer are the traditional renditions of the song and have great audio quality. You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch does not work (at least I can’t get it to).
[Read more…]

iRinger – Free Ringtone Maker

Yes, it’s really free. No kidding. Catch? Only works on Windows… But that’s ok ’cause if you’re on a Mac you can just use GarageBand. Here’s a video of how it works.

The sweet thing about this program is that it runs without installing on your system. So you can just throw it on a thumbdrive and it’s ready to go. It’s pretty simple and exports right to iTunes. Works great!

You can download it at

VideosTone 1.3

VideosTone The update to version 1.3 of VideosTone adds a few new abilities to the application. The app is now able to detect system vibrations which means, if you have your iPhone set to vibrate when you receive a call, VideosTone now recognizes that and your iPhone will vibrate even when VideosTone is enabled. The same is also true for the silence switch. VideosTone now detects the silence switch which means you are able to silent the ringer while a video ringtone is playing. The iPod volume settings are now also able to be detected by VideosTone. One thing I am really glad to see with this update [Read more…]

vWallpaper 0.93 & SkrewCommon 1.49

vWallpaper The update to SkrewCommon and vWallpaper gives vWallpaper some nice new features. When you select Video Ringtones you will notice that the Select Video option has been changed to Select Global Video and that there is a new Manage Contacts feature. The Select Global Video option still allows you to choose one video ringtone for all incoming calls. A cool new feature is the Manage Contacts feature which allows you to select video ringtones for specific contacts! When you select Manage Contacts, you will get a list of your contacts. You can then choose a contact and it will bring up the list of videos you have downloaded. Just select the video you would like as that contact’s ringtone. You will then be brought back to the contact list. The contact’s with video ringtones assigned to them will have a delete icon next to them. To delete a video ringtone, tap the icon and then select Delete. It will only delete the video ringtone and not the actual contact. [Read more…]

VideosTone vs. vWallpaper

Quite a few people have been asking what the difference is between, VideosTone and vWallpaper. Below is a breakdown of both the applications (the numbers are corresponding).

VideosTone VideosTone
1. Ability to set a video ringtone for all incoming calls or you can choose video ringtones for specific contacts
2. You can preview the videos before selecting them
3. Ability to set both the audio ringtone and video ringtone [Read more…]

Ringtones 2.87

RingtonesToday, version 2.87 of Ringtones showed up in my Installer in Recent Packages. However, version 2.87 of Ringtones has already been released (a month ago!). I did notice that when I installed the “update” it changed the application icon. There are no other visual changes to the application so, I’m not really sure what the deal is…maybe just an icon update. You can get Ringtones via the Skrew source.

vWallpaper 0.92 & SkrewCommon 1.48

vWallpaper The update to SkrewCommon and vWallpaper adds the ability to set video ringtones. When you open the application, you will see that the main menu has changed and the options now include; Video Wallpaper, Video Ringtones, Visit Application Page and Donate. The Video Wallpaper option itself has not changed. When select the Video Ringtones option, you will get a menu with the following options; Enable VideoRingtone, Select Video, Download Videos, Videos Repository (which is not available yet) and Restart SpringBoard. [Read more…]

VideosTone 1.2

VideosTone The update to version 1.2 of VideosTone makes the Personalize Settings option available without purchasing the application…which is cool! The Personalize Settings option allows you to apply Video Ringers to select contacts. When you choose the Personalize Settings option, you will see the Select a Person field…this will allow you to choose a contact from your Contact List. Once you have selected a contact, you can then select a phone number for that contact. It will automatically [Read more…]

PocketMac RingtoneStudio for iPhone – No Jailbreaking Required

RingtoneSudio PocketMac RingtoneStudio for iPhone is an application that allows you to create ringtones for your iPhone from a variety of multimedia files. You are able to create ringtones from sound affects, QuickTime videos, Mac friendly movie files and unprotected iTunes music files. One nice thing about PocketMac RingtoneStudio for iPhone is that it is available to everyone with an iPhone…no jailbreaking required.

It is a program that you download to your computer, it creates ringtones and then you sync them to your iPhone via iTunes (see demo video and screenshots below). What is really nice about this application is [Read more…]

VT Update Pack 1.1 – for VideosTone

VideosTone" The VT Update Pack for VideosTone allows you to mute the video ringer by tapping the volume button on the side of your iPhone. A simple update but, necessary!! You will need to have VideosTone installed before installing the update. You can get the VT Update pack via the ModMyiFone source.

VT Update Pack 1.1

Dynamic Module Loader 1.1 & VideosTone 1.1

VideosTone The update to version 1.1 of Dynamic Module Loader and VideosTone moves the applications to the ModMyiFone source. Which makes downloading the package MUCH faster!! There are no visual changes with the update, just a new source. Check out the full review of VideosTone HERE.


VideosTone 1.0

VideosTone VideosTones is an application that allows you to set a video ringer. Video ringers is a feature that the iPhone has always lacked. I had phones in the past that had the ability for video ringers and I was really stoked to see that is was finally available for the iPhone!

Before installing the VideoTone application, you will first need to install the Dynamic Module Loader application. Once it has finished installing, you can go in and install VideosTone. Note: VideosTone is a very large file (3.4 MB) and takes a decent amount of time to download…you will definitely want to be on WiFi. You may even want to grab a cup of coffee and a scone while you wait (I’m on a scone kick)! The Dynamic Module Loader application will not add an icon to your SpringBoard…it is just a code app. Once the VideosTone application has finished installing it will add a VideosTone option in your Stock Settings (so, it also is not added as an application on your SpringBoard). Once you have finished installing both applications, you will want to reboot your iPhone and then you can go into your stock Settings and locate the VideosTone option. [Read more…]

PhoneZap 1.3.8

PhoneZap The update to PhoneZap fixes a bug in the Ringtone creating section of the application. In the previous version, if you have a period in the title of a ringtone, it would not work. They have fixed it in version 1.3.8 so that you can have a period in the title of a ringtone. PhoneZap is available through the AppTapp source.

PhoneZap 1.3.8