VideosTone 1.2

VideosTone The update to version 1.2 of VideosTone makes the Personalize Settings option available without purchasing the application…which is cool! The Personalize Settings option allows you to apply Video Ringers to select contacts. When you choose the Personalize Settings option, you will see the Select a Person field…this will allow you to choose a contact from your Contact List. Once you have selected a contact, you can then select a phone number for that contact. It will automatically bring you back to the Personalize Settings screen and the contact’s Name and Number will be automatically added to the Name and Mobile fields.

You can then choose the RingTone and Video you would like to apply for that contact. Another cool new feature with the update, is when you select a video, it will play a preview of that video. This helps in knowing exactly what video you are choosing. Once all the information is entered (Name, Mobile, RingTone, Video) you can go back to the Main Menu by selecting VideosTone in the upper left corner. To customize another contact’s ringtone, just go back into the Personalize Settings field and repeat the steps. The only confusing part about this whole process is that it does not list which contacts you have changed. If you want to delete a contact’s VideosTone, you have to remember which contact it is, pull it up with the Select a Person field, select the correct number, scroll down and select Delete this Contact VideosTone. I have a feeling this could get confusing very quickly. You can get VideosTone through the iFoneTec source.


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  1. Where can you find other videos to download

    thanks all

    • Nicktendo says

      There are a few apps that let you download videos, or you can SSH them to your phone.

      (I know I’m on this site too much if I’m giving advice without actually owning an iPhone. Ha!)

    • you don’t own an iPhone?…and you’re giving advice on using it?..hmm…

    • Yes you are an apple geek.

  2. Has anyone noticed how much this drains the battery?

  3. Additional question: how does this compare to vWallpaper which claims to also be a Video/Ringtone app?


  4. Hi all,

    Tried to refresh my sources but cant seem to find the new update for VideosTone 1.2. Am currently on version 1.0. Anyone out there can help???

  5. iambored8907 says

    I cannot get the custom caller videos to work. I have triple checked that the settings are for the correct person but it still just plays the default video for everyone.

    • I am having the same problem. I have worked on it for two days and still can’t get the customized videos to play for the contacts. I know I did it right. Help.

  6. The difference between vWallpaper and VideoTone is that vWallpaper is not playing the sound of the Video when the iPhone is in silent mode, VideoTone does not !!!

  7. i downloaded and instaled the latest version, restarted my iphon and cant find it, i looked under installed items in the installer but it want show on my home screen

    • Go to settings on your springboard. Click on it and scroll to the bottom.
      Has anybody gotten the customized videos to play for different contacts other than the default video playing for all calls?

  8. Mikey ny says

    For the people who cant find the software its under settings, scroll all the way down.( i went crazy till i found it)

    Now i have a question how do i add videos i have on iphone, like from mxtube or vwallpaper?
    or where can i download some directly to the iphone?


    • Once you download from mxtube, you can use mobilefinder to move them to the correct folder….but if you have Winscp you can create a new folder and then re-create a symbolic link and centralize all your videos…read the next post

  9. I am getting tired of all these video wallpaper and videoringtone and such putting all their videos in different folders….sooo

    I created a new folder and then created symbolic links for all the other apps to the new folder….
    Seems to work so far….just thought I would let you all know

  10. Do I need to install the VT Update Patch with this update as well?

  11. I downloaded it to my iPhone and there seems to be no way to remove it or uninstall it!! Can someone tell me how to get rid of it?

  12. iphone lover says

    how do i get the ringtone to work? what is a AIF. file

  13. iPhone lover says

    someone help, I can’t get the ringtone to work, what is a aif. File, how do I convert it?

  14. Mikey ny says

    thanks ken,
    i have mobile finder and i have tried to put it in the var/mobile/media,videotone/video folder but nothing shows up.
    any suggestions.

  15. Any one able to get personalize videostone to work? I pick the name then video, but can’t get it to work. Just use defaults even with personalize one.

  16. ok this is what I has to do to get it to work. I uninstaled Wetool, then deleted all the custom contacts I had done and then did it again. When the video is previewing I double tapped on it a couple of times. Also add 1 before the area code on the numbers. Reinstal Wetool when you finish. Hope it works for you.

  17. i just made sure the personalized contact number was in this format;
    1 (123) 456-7890. I had to edit the phone’s contact list for it to work properly.

    It’s kinda weird but it takes a couple calls to get it working right. Personalized or not. Anyone else have this glitch too? First call is usually vibe only.

  18. Iphone Student says

    I patch some calldata,so it’s easy to set up personalize video ringtone

  19. Iphone Student says

    just updated to V1.3

  20. With the 1..3 you can mute with the mute button and the up and down volume switch now controls the volume of the video. There is also one more free videotone with the update. Awesome.

  21. hi there…

    i have download the videotone app.but it didn’t show anything inside the setting app..any ideas?


  22. Hi, I downloaded SMSD but the program is not working – the icon is on the display and the program opens but afterwards it closing after few seconds again?? – I have the latest version 1.1.4 – what can I do to run SMSD?! – THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!