Ringtones 2.87

RingtonesToday, version 2.87 of Ringtones showed up in my Installer in Recent Packages. However, version 2.87 of Ringtones has already been released (a month ago!). I did notice that when I installed the “update” it changed the application icon. There are no other visual changes to the application so, I’m not really sure what the deal is…maybe just an icon update. You can get Ringtones via the Skrew source.

Ringtones 2.87

Ringtones I have been messing with the update to Ringtones for a while now and do not see any drastic visual changes. I know the developer is having some issues with SkrewCommon (which is now needed for both the vWallpapers and Ringtones apps). So, it might be an update trying to fix that issue. Let me know in the comments if you see any visual changes that I missed! Ringtones is available through the Skrew source.

Ringtones 2.87

Ringtones 2.84

Ringtones Version 2.84 of Ringtones adds a nice little pop-up after you have created a ringtone using the Direct Ringtones feature. Instead of being left wondering if the ringtone you created worked…you now get a pop-up letting you know the Ringtone was created. However, I seriously tried everything I could to make this version of Ringtones work after I updated it to no avail!! Finally, I uninstalled it, restarted my iPhone (not just resprung the SpringBoard), reinstalled it and restarted my iPhone again. Then, it finally worked. I had to go through this same process with the last version as well. I was also hoping to see a fix for the issue with the [Read more…]

Ringtones 2.83

ringtones YES!!! This finally works!! I updated to version 2.83 of Ringtones and was disappointed because it still didn’t work. So, I decided to try uninstalling it, restarting my iPhone, reinstalling it and restarting my iPhone after I reinstalled it and it worked! Now, I am able to use the Direct Ringtones feature. I went in and Enabled Ringtones, selected Kelly Clarkson from my music library and then selected the song Because of you. I then got a pop-up with two options; Set as default ringtone and Cancel. When I selected Set as default ringtone it just went back it the song list. I was like…huh, I wonder if that worked. So, I hit my Home Button and then something I most definitely did not expect happened.
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Ringtones 2.82

Ringtones Ringtones has some new features since the last time I did a review of it! When you first open the app…the lower portions of the screen is a little messed up. It is weird…one version it looks fine and the next it is messed up. When you select Start Converting, there are now two options; Direct ringtones or Edit and convert ringtones. Direct ringtones allows you to [Read more…]

Ringtones 2.74

Ringtones Version 2.74 of Ringtones brings some long awaited changes! The main menu of the app hasn’t changed however, once you get into the Converting menu…you will notice quite a few new features and changes. The first new feature that I noticed was the ability to restore the SMS stock ringtones!! Just tap on Restore SMS Ringtones and you will get a pop-up saying that all your SMS Ringtones have been restored. The interface for converting songs has also changed. It starts [Read more…]

Ringtones 2.73

Ringtones I was expecting version 2.73 of Ringtones to fix the SMS error however, it did not. There is one new visual change though…the app now shows that is has checked the Binary, Encoder and Ringtones path and then displays how much Disk Space you have free. A very nice touch I think. It does not automatically bring you to the Ringtones page…you have to tap Ok, Continue at the bottom. Like the previous version, [Read more…]

Ringtones 2.71

Ringtones I really like this app and when I saw the new features that version 2.71 of Ringtones brought with it…I was like, this app just went from sweet to STINKIN SWEET!! Some of the new features include; setting SMS tones, using the microphone to record your own ringtones and SMS tones, fading in and out the ringtones/SMS tones you have created, converting the tones you create which then gives you a preview of what it will sounds like so you can choose to keep it or redo it and a section that lists all the tones you have created so that you can easily delete them. [Read more…]

Ringtones 2.61

Ringtones RIngtone is an app that allows you to create ringtones from music on your iPhone. When you open the app you will get an intro screen. From here you will get the main menu with four options; Start Converting, Visit Application Page, Visit Jamendo Page and Donate. When you hit Start Converting it will check for three things…binary check, encoding check and ringtones path check and once it has found all three it will bring you to a list of all the artists on your iPhone. Just select an artist and then a song that you want to make your ringtone out of. From here [Read more…]