Ringtones 2.74

Ringtones Version 2.74 of Ringtones brings some long awaited changes! The main menu of the app hasn’t changed however, once you get into the Converting menu…you will notice quite a few new features and changes. The first new feature that I noticed was the ability to restore the SMS stock ringtones!! Just tap on Restore SMS Ringtones and you will get a pop-up saying that all your SMS Ringtones have been restored. The interface for converting songs has also changed. It starts by allowing you to choose where you want your Ringtone to start (use the scroll wheel to make small adjustments). Once you have decided where you would like the ringtone to start just tap Next…now, you can select where you would like to ringtone to end. After you have that set…tap Next and you are able to select the fades. Once everything is just the way you want it, tap Build Preview. I do find it a little difficult getting used to the new interface…but, after I played around with it a little I got the hang of it. Ringtones is available through the Skrew source.

Also, Ringtones has a new icon!

Ringtones 2.74 Ringtones 2.74 Ringtones 2.74 Ringtones 2.74 Ringtones 2.74 Ringtones 2.74 Ringtones 2.74

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  1. Finally they change that ugly icon they had…..also is really important to DONATE so they can improve and add more features, and I haven’t try the SMS Ringtones….

    • I forgot….also if you dont have enough memory it will tell you and it will send you back to the homescreen…..

  2. Hi,

    Just tried to install the update and it crashes after the download… I have 1.1.4… did it happen to anybody?



  3. I get the message “You are running out of space! etc etc….Ok i do it now!” come up. How do I fix this?

    • I can’t install Boss Tool. After hitting install it says downloading and then when it ays installing, bar doesn’t move and it just jumps back to my home screen. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi to all!!!
    What about sms error that previous versions had?

  5. Figured it out.

  6. please help!!
    after i updated to 2.74…all my ringtones stop to work, only “Marimba” works…anyone knows why?
    i m on 1.1.3

    • same prob here. i never update this app cuz i had this happen before. i finally had the guts to update. my mistake. now i’m stuck with marimba as my only ringtone.

  7. Did they finally fix the preview SMS ringtone error?

  8. Nicholas says

    I have tried to install Ringtones 2.74 and I just get the “Package download failed” message from installer every time. I am on 1.1.4, but I do not think the version could be a problem because I have used the older version of Ringtones and the worked fine. If anyone else has experienced this problem or knows how to fix it, please feel free to contact me at canducin@yahoo.com.

  9. I tried installing this app, but it just crashes every time. I checked the space i had left and it said 0 out of 300mb, but I’m almost positive that i had more space before i tried downloading. Has this happened to anyone? Is it known? Is there a solution?


    • Also, I have the ringtones icon on the springboard, but i can’t use it. I don’t even have Ringtones in the uninstall list, and i can’t delete the icon.

      Please help.

    • Edit: The Ringtones icon that somehow ended up on the springboard freezes when i click on the app. All that shows is a page with 2 sheets of paper, a pencil, a brush, and a ruler stacked in a corner.

    • I SSHed in and deleted the entire Ringtones.app folder and it restored all my memory and basically i think it fixed the problem. I wonder why all this happened to me. I guess I’ll stick to making my ringtones on my PC. :(

  10. I have have the same problem to. I try to unstall it but its wasent in the list. If anyone know a solution plz tell me i cant install new apps

  11. I have the same problem as everyone here if any have a solution plz tell me

  12. It someone messes up the remaining memory. I have no idea how, but I know its that because I don’t have enough room to install any more applications once i tried installing this even though it wasn’t in my list after install. This also crashed while trying to install as well. Plus, I had 8MB left before i tried installing, but after i had 0MB and i know this isn’t that big. I SSHed in and deleted the file, yet it didnt resolve the problem. Since i wanted to use iLiberty+, I just restored and I’m never downloading this again.

  13. Well, this pretty much messed up my installer.app. SSH:ed my iPhone and deleted the ringtones.app folder…

  14. how do i use the sms ringtones? man i dnt get it..after hitting ‘next’ on evry page..suddenly when it starts converting..it took so long..thts where i realise tht the thing is stucked..so i press the home button for like 10secs to get out of the app…

  15. oh..and the call ringtones doesnt work..

  16. Hi I am having a problem with ringtones when used to create sms tones. They seem to come through in chipmunk speed (ie. 4times faster than orginally.
    Anyone know how to rectify this problem?