Ringtones 2.83

ringtones YES!!! This finally works!! I updated to version 2.83 of Ringtones and was disappointed because it still didn’t work. So, I decided to try uninstalling it, restarting my iPhone, reinstalling it and restarting my iPhone after I reinstalled it and it worked! Now, I am able to use the Direct Ringtones feature. I went in and Enabled Ringtones, selected Kelly Clarkson from my music library and then selected the song Because of you. I then got a pop-up with two options; Set as default ringtone and Cancel. When I selected Set as default ringtone it just went back it the song list. I was like…huh, I wonder if that worked. So, I hit my Home Button and then something I most definitely did not expect happened.

My Carrier Logo, where it says Brooke, scrolled Brooke – Ringtones Enabled. Which was cool because then I knew that it was enabled but, now it makes my carrier logo all messed up. Now it says Broo…. This is because it is too long to fit so it adds the …. So, I am totally stoked that the Direct Ringtones feature works but, I think I would rather have some other sort of notification that the feature is enabled. As for the ringtone itself…the Direct Ringtones feature just starts the ringtone from the beginning of the song which is what I expected it to do. I did notice the the Home Screen says the correct version number now as well! Though the Disk Space Info is still a little messed up if you go into it twice. Other than that…I think it is pretty cool to be able to quickly set a ringtone. Ringtones is available through the Skrew source.

Note: I also tried the Direct Ringtone feature with a David Crowder song from my music library and it worked too!

Ringtones 2.83 Ringtones 2.83 Ringtones 2.83 Ringtones 2.83

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  1. Hey…. what program do you use to change the carrier’s name? Sorry, I missed that out! Sad..

    • make it mine aka MIM

    • There are a few different apps that do it…but, I use Erica Sadun’s MakeItMine (MIM).

    • Dude!! We must have posted that at like the same time…good answer btw!

    • Wow that was quick and helpful! Thank you so much! I just installed it and it works and sooo easy to use! Thanks again! Love this website. I learned something new everyday! :D

      Btw, back to the topic, as much as I love the Ringtones app, I hate it if it will mess up my carrier’s name… so, am not gonna update it… hehe..

  2. what about SMS tones? does that function works?

  3. If you go into the advanced conversion you can set the start and stop times of the ringtone as well. The slider isn’t terribly accurate, so there’s a dropdown wheel with a bunch of “——” entries in it. Use the slider to get it close and the wheel to get it precise. I find it best to turn off the preview between attempts otherwise it keeps restarting while you’re changing the wheel. Do the same for the end point and you’ve got yourself a nice custom ringtone.

    I used “Pachuca Sunrise” by Minus the Bear (:

  4. I heard this app was an virus and i think it did screw up my iphone and i was wondering if any one else had this problem? Im on a unlocked and jailbroken 8gb iphone firmwire 1.1.4.

  5. mim will not set the carrier image to AT&T after a restore

  6. Stay away from this app.
    It’s screwing up iPhones everywhere……….

  7. hey sorry but i need this program Ringtones ok but i cant find sourec for Ringtones ok please give me sourec thx

  8. Stay away from this app, screw mi Iphone.
    I got no sound in my iphone, it won’t ring, play a song or video.
    No sound at all.

  9. I did the direct ringtone, and my phone did not vibrate… is this happening for everyone else?

  10. MrCyberdude says

    I installed 2.83 along with a few other apps and next reboot my phone was in an endless loop rebooting.

    my phone is running in verbose mode and i was still able to access SSH for about 15 seconds during each reboot and i run a fsck and there were no probs.

    It might be another app, im not sure.

  11. MrCyberdude says

    I hopped on the Ringtones forum and got a response almost right away along with a possible fix but i had already restored my phone.

    Others may find this infomation useful.


    I will be re-installing as soon as the next version is out.
    Its a great App and i have run 5-10 updates without any previous problems.