Ringtones 2.84

Ringtones Version 2.84 of Ringtones adds a nice little pop-up after you have created a ringtone using the Direct Ringtones feature. Instead of being left wondering if the ringtone you created worked…you now get a pop-up letting you know the Ringtone was created. However, I seriously tried everything I could to make this version of Ringtones work after I updated it to no avail!! Finally, I uninstalled it, restarted my iPhone (not just resprung the SpringBoard), reinstalled it and restarted my iPhone again. Then, it finally worked. I had to go through this same process with the last version as well. I was also hoping to see a fix for the issue with the Carrier Logo from the previous version. However, it still changes your carrier logo to say that Ringtones has been Enabled making the Carrier Logo to long and adding the …. to it (thus changing it from Brooke to Broo…).

NOTE: I also figured out something else tonight. Doug had noticed that my ringtone (created with the Direct Ringtone feature) only played for a few seconds and then just did nothing…it continued to ring but, with no sound. Usually, I would have answered it in time and would not have noticed this issue. So, this is what I figured out…when you are in Direct Ringtones…you have to let the song play for as long as you would like your ringtone to be before you select Set as Default Ringtone. I had assumed that it would just automatically create a 30 second ringtone starting at the beginning of the song when you selected Set as Default Ringtone. However, that was not a correct assumption, you have to let it play for as long as you want the Ringtone to be then tap Set as Default Ringtone. After I did that…it worked great! Ringtones is available through the Skrew source.

Ringtones 2.84 Ringtones 2.84 Ringtones 2.84

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  1. This app has many updates but not many new features in each

  2. I keep getting error package denied when i try to install this version, I had 2.83 and it worked fine, anybody has a suggestion

  3. Not too thrilled about this one. I would like to be able to edit songs easier. Trying to edit songs is a headache. Any suggestions??

  4. Remember…this app tells you to reboot after installing it.

    I have installed it, but have yet to test or play with it,

  5. I need help guys. I install this application and it works well at first. But all of the sudden my iphone turns off. I restarted it and found out the phone can’t play any sound at all. my ipod jammed up and i can’t hear any sound when making phone calls. i uninstall it and still the same problem. Please help me

    • I have installed the ringtone app and had the same problem… I just restored my iphone to the original settings on iTunes and then restored backup to get my contacts back and then started over… It is really frustrating and I am wandering if anyone knows why as well

    • yeah, me too!!

      i upgraded from v2.73 to latest 2.84 on my 1.1.4 (iliberty+).

      i can see all my stock ringtones, but no sound from them.. when calls come in, they can hear me but i can’t hear them..

      Just done restoring my iphone… sorry but this app is not going onto my iphone any time soon…

  6. This app sounds great, but it’s too much of a hassel. I just went ahead and bought iToner ($15) and it’s soo easy to install all the songs or parts of songs that I love. Just drag and drop, plug and chug!

  7. Hi, I really need your help on this app. I have installed all version of ringtones and I keep getting the same error all the time, whether I am trying to create a ringtone or an sms tone the file comes out after conversion playing at chipmunk speed (about 4x the original speed).
    Is there either something wrong with the program or is it my iphone and does anyone know how to rectify this problem.
    Greatful for any help.

  8. Fpr those who desperately needs customised ringtones, try using iRinger. It’s available on the net. Just google it. 2 simple steps. Select ringtone, sync your iPhone. done. Hope that helps.

  9. used a few times. works flawlessly 2.85

  10. This is very nice website. Ringtones are cheap!

  11. does this work with firmware 2.0.2, if not, is there an updated version for this that will work with 2.0?


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