Ringtones 2.87

Ringtones I have been messing with the update to Ringtones for a while now and do not see any drastic visual changes. I know the developer is having some issues with SkrewCommon (which is now needed for both the vWallpapers and Ringtones apps). So, it might be an update trying to fix that issue. Let me know in the comments if you see any visual changes that I missed! Ringtones is available through the Skrew source.

Ringtones 2.87

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  1. Is there some kind of way to do this on Windows? I’d rather do it on my PC then on my phone, and I’ve got quite a few tracks I’d like to, but I’ve yet to find 1) what do to, and 2) how to do it.

  2. Hossein Nezamipoor says

    there is an application called iphone pc suite
    it is a nice program and it can do many things such as making ringtones & installing applicatins &backup and ….
    the latest version is please check this application and write about it

  3. I checked out this and it said i needed to download a dependent app. when i did that the vwallpaper that i deleted suddenly was active. i had to get vwallpaper and disable it then delete it all again to go back to normal. but thank goodness to ringtones.

  4. saaafrooot says

    (Ringtones 2.87) first of all it’s showing Version 2.86 on the main window and when you are converting any song using the advance converting it will be in a fast rate when it plays back or converted i tried it on 5 different songs and all the same.

  5. it made my iphone go crazy… i cant play any sound on my iphone.. can anyone help me?

    • me too! no sounds on keyboard clicks…no sound with apps like pianist, guitar, drummer…tried uninstalling skrew and ringtones, resetting settings…still the same :( pls help!

    • Same thing here, after trying Ringtones my iPhone does not make any sounds anymore.

      I hope I did not miss it but I think rick has not been given a solution to his problem.

      Could anybody help us making the iPhone work properly again.

      Thanks a lot.

  6. When I installed screw common, needed for the update, it made it so I have no service now. I uninstalled screw common and I have service again. Are there any fixes for this or any chance to get an older version to install?


  7. I have recently unlocked my iphone using iliberty and installed cydia.
    Everything works great. Iv installed screwcommon 1.0 and vwallpaper and no problems. I want to install ringtones 2.87 but i can not see it listed under all applications. If i do a search for it, it is still not listed. I can’t find any ringtone programs for that matter.

    Can anyone help? Suggestion on how to find it or the name of another ringtone program?

    Thank you

    iphone 16g 1.14
    iliberty application

  8. Sorry, I posted this before, but I just saw that it was on a past from march – this is a little newer… hope somebody can help me out…

    I tried installing this app – it gave me an error message and said to install skrewcommon first. And so I did – I asks me to restart and after the restart – my phone in now not working… The springboard is completely fine and I can access all apps – but as soon as I access the apps, then I can hit anything. Cant scroll or tap in any app. so frustrating.. If anyone can help?? I’m so desperate – I’ve only had my iphone for 2 days.


  9. fark2345 says

    is it just me or this thing wont make ur phone vibrate when theres an incoming call?

  10. for some reason, when i convert a song, ringtones! converts them to be very faced paced for some reason. any help?

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  12. How do I even get the program on my iPhone…?

  13. imad dairy says

    hello everone
    i install the sources and i got the ringtones beta only …any help plz ?


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