Ringtones 2.71

Ringtones I really like this app and when I saw the new features that version 2.71 of Ringtones brought with it…I was like, this app just went from sweet to STINKIN SWEET!! Some of the new features include; setting SMS tones, using the microphone to record your own ringtones and SMS tones, fading in and out the ringtones/SMS tones you have created, converting the tones you create which then gives you a preview of what it will sounds like so you can choose to keep it or redo it and a section that lists all the tones you have created so that you can easily delete them. Everything that has to do with creating ringtones works great, even the new features (fading in/out, the converted preview, creating your own ringtone through the mic….) but anything to do with the SMS tones does not work, it usually ended up crashing all the iPhones I tried it on. I was sad! So, if you want to make ringtones…this app still works for that but hopefully we see an update soon that fixes the SMS bugs! Ringtones is available through the Skrew source. Below are the screenshots.

Note: You will also see a version 2.70 of Ringtones in the Installer…that one will not install…you want version 2.71.

Ringtones 2.71 Ringtones 2.71 Ringtones 2.71 Ringtones 2.71 Ringtones 2.71 Ringtones 2.71 Ringtones 2.71 Ringtones 2.71

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  1. Severino Brazil says

    in my opnion, the best ringtones app!

    just perfect!


  2. Hey Brooke. Just curious, how did you get your battery and wi-fi so show as numbers and not symbols???

  3. Wiley Woyote says

    I get a Parse error:syntax error —— line 9 at the bottom of the main page after opening the program where Start converting is. I have tried un-insatlling and re-installing twice with the same error. However the program seems to run properly. Anyone else get this error message. ver 1.1.3?

  4. how do i get this add?..i just go to the installer i chek out for the name ringtone and its apear? or i have to download from some where

  5. Ok i made a sms tone but now i want the default one back…can i do that??

  6. This app is one of the most useful and user friendly out there. One question though….. Why are you able to create a ringtone which is significantly longer that the 30 seconds before the voicemail kicks in? This feature seems to be an update from the previous version but i don’t get the point. Any views would be welcome

    • good point! but my iphone doesn’t have voicemail activated. so it just rings and rings…most people do tend to hang up after about 30 seconds anyway, but i still have all my ring-tones at over 1min. its good to have the option i guess..

  7. hey ppl..err i alredy install this app.but then when i tap on START CONVERTING..and the page got stucked..when its saying ‘ checking in progress and waiting for check’ it got stuck and i coulndt do antyhin but exit the whole app..can sombody help me here? thanks

  8. this app is the best app i ever used, it’s soooo helpfull and greeat

  9. I am able to build the ringtone and it shows in my ringtones, but when I choose it I do not get any sound? I am on 1.1.3. Anyone had this issue, or know why this happens? Thanks

  10. does this work with 1.1.3 iphones?

  11. Instead of my decent Tri-tone I now got a “Future sex lovesounds-justin timberlake voice”, pretty cool, but I’m old-fashioned, so how to get back the default?

    Thanks 4 the Advice

  12. I wish I could this app to work. I’ve installed, and uninstalled it a couple of times. But I don’t get the “Record, or Stop Recording” screens.

    Any suggestions?

  13. Anyone else think that in the next update they should have tabs for more accurate adjusting of the the Start and Stop points, the sideways scrolling bar is great, but so difficult making tiny adjustments…..i love this app by the way

  14. galadriann says

    Just a quick note for those that don’t get a sound … keep in mind that aac protected files (purchased through iTunes) cannot be converted as ringtones … as this process involves converting to mp3 which is prevented by the copy protection (which actually is one of the reason this copy protection exists .. ;-)))

    And I do love this app too … got my favorite Mika Ring Ring as Rintone … ;-))

  15. Dondesign says

    I cant add the source….give me the whole link pls

  16. The update is GREAT, however it has a few bugs inside, like for me after making a ringtone I have to close the app before making a new one…otherwise is gonna crash….im on 1.1.3 but we have to continue to donate so they can improve it…..
    PS. They need a better ICON….such a nice app should have a nice/better/improve icon….

  17. How u installer this i have 1.1.3 and i have looked on the installer but can not find it

    • It will be helpful if you actually read……sorry for be rude men but above you will find all the information….. there u go…
      Ringtones is available through the Skrew source. …..

      just add it and refresh the source…
      then you will find it under multimedia…

  18. i have this app but also a problem…i converted a few songs into ringtones and then realized that it will only use the first 20 seconds or so to ring so the ones i converted were useless….i then deleted them but my phone still rings with 1 even though it is not in the list for me to choose from, further more everytime i change my ringtone to something normal it still plays that same ringtone….I AM GOING CRAZY SOMEONE PLEASE HELP…..