Download Ringtones Wirelessly – Overview

Download Ringtones Wirelessly Another new feature of the 3.1 firmware is the ability to download ringtones wirelessly from your iPhone or iPod touch. Currently there are over 30,000 ringtones available from all 4 of the major music labels. The ringtones are $1.29 (USD) each.

To view this new feature, you will need to go into the iTunes application and then the More option on the lower menu bar. Here you will see a Ringtones option in the menu. Once selected, you have the ability to view Featured, Top Tens (by genres) or Genres of ringtones. [Read more…]

Add Emoticons to the Status Bar

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

MakeItMine I know many of you are probably familiar with the app MakeItMine which allows you to easily customize your Carrier Logo and Banner (that is the area where the time is located on the Status Bar). One cool thing that I just found is that you can add emoticons to your Status Bar using MIM (MakeItMine).

When you open the app, just enter the emoticons like you would your custom text (see note below). Simple and easy.
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QuickTip – Adding Web Pages to your SpringBoard

AiS I will be sticking with my Safari theme with this QuickTip as well.

QuickTip – When in Safari, you can add any web page to your SpringBoard by selecting the + icon on the lower menu bar and then selecting the Add to Home Screen option. This will bring up a page displaying the web pages icon and title. You are able to change the title by taping in the title box and typing in a new title. Once you are finished, you can then select Add in the upper right corner. The web page will automatically be added to the SpringBoard with the rest of your icons. This makes for a quick and easy way to access the websites you visit most often. Screenshots below.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in a QuickTip…I have archived them and will definitely use them in the future! If you have a QuickTip you would like to submit you can email it to [Read more…]

Updated F.A.Q Page – How to add sources to Cydia.

AiS Well, after a long night of travel last night, we reached our destination. So today, with a little bit of down time before all the Christmas craziness begins, I have updated another guide on our f.a.q page. It is a detailed guide on how to add sources to Cydia. This includes step-by-step instructions on how to install additional sources using Cydia and how to manually add your own sources to Cydia. You can check out the How to Add Sources to Cydia guide HERE. If you are looking for more source…check out our Sources Page. It contains a list of sources available for both Cydia and Installer.

Cydia Update

Cydia It seems Cydia has had quite the update. I honestly hadn’t noticed that it had updated, it didn’t give me a pop-up saying that it had an update and it didn’t show up on the list of changes so I’m assume it just did it automatically. To see the full affects of the update, you will need to close Cydia and reopen it. Upon reopening it, you will get pop-up asking if you are a User, Hacker or Developer. This will determine which apps you will see in Cydia. If you are a user Cydia will only display Graphical apps, if you are a Hacker it will display Command Line apps and if you select Developer you will see all apps. Once you have chosen your settings, it will bring you into Cydia. Now, you will see the next change in the Sections option. If you select Sections you will notice a new Edit button. If you select Edit, you are then able to turn on/off certain categories of packages. For example [Read more…]