Cydia Update

Cydia It seems Cydia has had quite the update. I honestly hadn’t noticed that it had updated, it didn’t give me a pop-up saying that it had an update and it didn’t show up on the list of changes so I’m assume it just did it automatically. To see the full affects of the update, you will need to close Cydia and reopen it. Upon reopening it, you will get pop-up asking if you are a User, Hacker or Developer. This will determine which apps you will see in Cydia. If you are a user Cydia will only display Graphical apps, if you are a Hacker it will display Command Line apps and if you select Developer you will see all apps. Once you have chosen your settings, it will bring you into Cydia. Now, you will see the next change in the Sections option. If you select Sections you will notice a new Edit button. If you select Edit, you are then able to turn on/off certain categories of packages. For example if you do not want to see apps in the Java Category, you can turn it off. If you decide to turn a category off, you can easily turn it back on by going back into Edit and toggling it back on.

Another new feature is the Manage option. If you select Manage, you will notice that there are now two options; Packages and Sources. If you select Packages you will get a list of all apps you have installed via Cydia. If you select Source, you care able to add and delete source. Yes, I said ADD, If you select Edit in the upper right corner, you will then be given an Add option. If you select it, you can add a source url. However, the source has to have apps developed specifically for Cydia. You can not just add any source from our sources page and it will work. Back on the main Manage page, there is also a Settings button which will give you the pop-up you saw when you first opened the app. Here you can change your filters if you would like. Overall, a very cool update. I love the ability to add sources though, I’m not sure there are any to add at this time! This still does not make me like Cydia more than Installer but, if Installer doesn’t hurry about…they could have some major competition!

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  1. i wold just say developer for all apps… lol

  2. Paul D. Spradling says

    The User/Hacker/Dev filter is awesome!

  3. Have you guys not tested Winterboard? :) It’s awesome! The next best thing till Summerboard is out.

  4. Fantastic update. I dont know why people give Cydia such a hard time. I think it’s great. Massive Kudos to the developer!!

  5. Good news…, does anyone know any good sources for Cydia???

  6. Winterboard isn’t ‘the next best thing’ lol, it’s an open-source replacement. It was put on the front burners to be ported to 2.0, so all features are not yet ready (which is to be expected)

    There are still issues, but I’m definitely not going back to the ‘oh-so-secretive’ ways of Nullriver to use SummerBoard whenever it finally comes out, now that we have an open-source version.

    Look’s like Saurik has beaten Nullriver to the punch again :D

    • I totally agree with you.

      Who needs an Installer now?

      I know installer is nice and i want it too but I think we would make it through the night even if we had no installer ;)

    • yeah I’m not even worried about installer cause cydia it’s just as better! So to all the people that are worried about installer… There’s not much of a difference!

  7. What about Fring? Anyone heard if they are going to port for 2.0?

  8. ok here is wat i think is going to happenthe devolpers of installer are takin too long and now cydia have sources well we dont need inbstaller anymore do we wat is advantage of it?

  9. Also, the developer of Cydia seems to take more intrest in the community than installer, cydia has a lot of helpful info on the front page, unlike installer.

  10. all of you are installer backstabers …. its taking a long time to get installer out because they want it to be perfect and full of programs when it comes out unlike cydia that only has like 5 usefull apps

  11. Brooke / Doug,

    Thx guys for keeping us updated!

    Could you perhaps start a post about sources for Cydia, so we know what’s available if and when? Perhaps we can then add to it in the comments?


  12. I have a question on Cydia vs Installer.
    I have Installer installed on my 1.1.4, resent reports makes me feel that Installer is in limbo.
    I am now considering a switch to Cydia.
    Since I have already installed a lot of apps via Installer, what happens to the installed apps of the same via Cydia?
    Do I need to uninstall the already installed before updating the apps?


  13. Hi;
    I tried everything , left cydia open for hours , reinstalled it but nothing happened. Still the same cydia…
    I am still using the firmware 1.1.4 and cydia version 1.0.2473-64. Please let me know if this update is only for firmware 2.0. If not please let me know how? As it is written , closing and reopening , does not work in my condition.

  14. So im updating my cydia program and its taking longer than expected to upload and idk why.

    Its been doing that little circle uploader in the middle of the screen for about 20 mins.

    Normal? or should i worry?

  15. I need some help.

    I’ve got the iPhone 3G with software version 2.0.1

    How do I get the video recorder app on my iPhone and all the nes Roms.

  16. Island.Cracker says

    first time using cydia… iphone 3g 2.2 (5g77)

    press the cydia icon and it asks, “who are you?”
    made the selection and it takes a few seconds to think before taking me right back to the springboard. every single time no matter which selection i make. i’ve restored it several times and i’m really not getting anywhere. i could use some help. any insight? i’d appreciate it.

  17. heyy.
    im new with cydia.. and i dont know how to use it, cuz when i press manage everything appears mixed up and stuff, and i cant get to install new sources to it, cuz i dont have the add sources button either
    if you can give me an answer email me at:

  18. aww man i dont have that update yet

  19. someone please help and give me the source for installer for the ants app i cant find it ANYWHERE! im going crazy. someone please help me!


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