PwnCenter and Steffwiz Source Updates

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

PwnCenter Both the PwnCenter and Steffwiz sources were “updated” in Cydia. The update adds the Steffwiz source into the PwnCenter source. When you install the PwnCenter source package (version 0-1) in Cydia, it will remove the Steffwiz source from your iPhone or iPod Touch. The source url for the PwnCenter source has not changed, it just now adds all the Steffwiz apps into the PwnCenter source.

Updated Sources Page

AiS I spent the afternoon updating our Sources page with all of the current sources available for install via Cydia and ones that can be added manually. I updated the Language Sources section as well. Sourcea with an * indicate sources that can be added through the More Package Sources section in Cydia. Sources without an * will need to be added manually. For more info on adding sources to Cydia (both manually and through Cydia)…check out THIS guide.

Doug updated the Jailbreak, Unlock and Firmware pages as well.

Check them out!

New Sources – and MacCiti

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Cydia Sources There were two new sources available to be installed through Cydia in the last few days. One was and the other was MacCiti. is a source that includes third-party software and themes. This source is maintained by Stan Weatherby ( The second source, MacCiti, is a primarily a theme source and is maintained by Michael Babiy ( [Read more…]

Sources for Installer Beta

InstallerI found a few sources for the beta for Installer. There’s not a ton of stuff in there but a few fun things. I’m sure more to come.

Rip Dev –
Big Boss –
iSpazio –
German –

Cydia Update

Cydia It seems Cydia has had quite the update. I honestly hadn’t noticed that it had updated, it didn’t give me a pop-up saying that it had an update and it didn’t show up on the list of changes so I’m assume it just did it automatically. To see the full affects of the update, you will need to close Cydia and reopen it. Upon reopening it, you will get pop-up asking if you are a User, Hacker or Developer. This will determine which apps you will see in Cydia. If you are a user Cydia will only display Graphical apps, if you are a Hacker it will display Command Line apps and if you select Developer you will see all apps. Once you have chosen your settings, it will bring you into Cydia. Now, you will see the next change in the Sections option. If you select Sections you will notice a new Edit button. If you select Edit, you are then able to turn on/off certain categories of packages. For example [Read more…]

RepoName 1.2

RepoName The only visual change with version 1.2 of RepoName is a new icon. You can get RepoName via the BigBoss source.

RepoName 1.0b

RepoName The update to version 1.0b of RepoName, a sources searching application, adds it to the BigBoss source and makes a few visual changes to the application. The first change you will notice is that the application has received a new icon. When you open the RepoName, there is also a new lower menu bar with the options; Featured, Search, List and Activate. The Featured option will give you information about the app such as bugs, features, whats to come and credits, the Search option is the same as in previous versions, the List option has not be activated yet and Activate will give you a pop-up with the ability to [Read more…]

Community Source 3.86

Installer The update to Community Sources 3.86 adds a new a repo to the Community Sources. The new repo is ZodTTD and the source url is

Community Source 3.86

HandicApp – Removed from Community Sources

HandicApp BigBoss has written an article warning of the dangers of using HanidcApp. Due to these dangers, iSpazio has removed the application from Community Source. Below the warning via BigBoss:

See original article and comments HERE.

Here are the dangers of this app. First off, all packages have permissions pre-set by the packager prior to going into Installer or Cydia. So this app is totally unneeded. Worse, it changes these permissions and you can never get them back without using SSH and having the knowledge to do so. Secondly, iPhone follows Unix file permission standards. This means all normal files must be 644 permissions. Only binary executable files should be 755 and in some special cases 4755 with owner set as root. This app stomps all over these proper permissions and just recursively sets every file to 755 in the entire folder! [Read more…]

RepoName 1.1b

RepoName There have been a few changes to RepoName since the last time I did a review of it. The splash screen has changed so that it no longer says Dav Team (because I guess they no longer exist). The UI of the application has also changed slightly…the search bar has been moved to the top of the screen and the enter button goes all the way across the bottom of the screen. The application now contains over 600 applications in it’s database. However, [Read more…]

Community Sources 3.84

The update to Community Sources 3.84 adds the iSpazio source to Community Sources. So, the Community Sources now include: BigBoss, iSpazio, ModMyiFone, RiP Dev and Ste Packaging.

Community Sources 3.84 Community Sources 3.84 Migration tool If you haven’t heard of you’ve got to check it out. You visit their website either on your computer, iPhone or iPod Touch and select programs you want to install. It then gives you one source to add to your Installer. They have a lot of other features like top apps, top repos, and sharing your source with others. My source is Just add that and you will see all the apps that I have installed or trust that aren’t in the community sources. I don’t add apps that are in community sources so there are no duplicates.

The point of this article is really about their new Migration tool. If you want to switch to a single source through you can upload your LocalPackages.plist from the /private/var/mobile/Library/Installer/ folder. You will have to get this via SSH. It will import them all into one source automatically. Visit to get started.