RepoName 1.1b

RepoName There have been a few changes to RepoName since the last time I did a review of it. The splash screen has changed so that it no longer says Dav Team (because I guess they no longer exist). The UI of the application has also changed slightly…the search bar has been moved to the top of the screen and the enter button goes all the way across the bottom of the screen. The application now contains over 600 applications in it’s database. However, it does still displays weird if the source url is long and goes off the page. But, it is an quick way to look-up what source an application is in. RepoName is avialable through the iSpazio source.

RepoName 1.1b RepoName 1.1b RepoName 1.1b RepoName 1.1b RepoName 1.1b

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  1. would be nice, if there is a way to put those urls directly to the installer or implement this in the installer.

    useful to find apps, but if the url is to long or cryptic you need pen&paper :-P

    • also would be nice, that it finds by phrase not the whole app name. it´s hard to remember those app-names complete ;-)

  2. Totally agree with blatz can’t do it without p&p need to be able to add urls directly to the installer

  3. Case and point why we NEED copy and paste funciton!!! Come on apple… we cannot be bothered to carry a pen around everywhere thats why I bought the iphone!