iSpazio Source Updated

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

iSpazio Source Today, the iSpazio source received an update to version 0-5. I have been experiencing a lot of issues with the iSpazio source lately however, it seems that the update has fixed a majority of those issues. So, if you are also experiencing issues, I would suggest installing the update.

Note: The update changes the source’s url. The new url is I have updated the url on our Sources Page. The previous url was [Read more…]

iSpazio Source Update

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

iSpazio Source ispazio0-31 There is an update to the iSpazio source in Cydia. The update changes the source url. I know a lot of you have said that lately you have been experiencing problems with the iSpazio source so, hopefully the update will help. The new source url is

Pencil – WinterBoard Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Pencil is an interesting WinterBoard theme that came out this week-end. It does quite a bit of modding including icons, slider bars, keyboard, splashscreens, SMS bubbles…etc. Pencil is avilable via the iSpazio source.

[Read more…]

Cydia Community Sources 0-7

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Cydia There was an update to the Cydia Community Sources today. The update adds the iSpazio source to the list of sources. The sources url for the iSpazio source is The iSpazio source does add a few nice themes though I have found that the more info section of the themes does not work…so, no previews are available. But, if you haven’t already, you will want to check out the Reveal theme…it is one of my favorites!

MCallShow 1.0

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

MCallShowMCallShow is an application that allows you to search for information based on a phone number. When you open the application, you will get a screen saying that you have a 15 day trial before you will need to purchase the app. However, when I went to the applications website to see how much it would cost to purchase the app it says $0.00. So, I’m not sure what the deal is with that! You can just select Cancel to be brought to the the main screen where you will see the options; Local Country (which will automatically be filled in for you), a search bar, City, Region, Others, Country and Contact. You are then able to enter a phone number into the Search bar and it will display the City, Region, Others, Country and Contact for the phone number.

However, this application does not work for me…well, maybe it does and I just don’t know it! When I enter a phone number and select search, [Read more…]

New SummerBoard Themes

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

SummerBoard There are a few new SummerBoard themes in the Installer. Two of the new themes (Radiance and Soft) are available via the iSpazio source. Does anyone who upgraded to 2.0 like seriously miss their jailbroken iPhone?? I know I do! At least we have a test iPhone that is still jailbroken so I don’t feel quite as restricted!

iPhone 3G Theme

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

SummerBoard There is a new SummerBoard theme available in the Installer. The theme itself isn’t actually new, it came out a few days ago but I never had a chance to write about it. The theme is based off the iPhone 3G and includes quite a few icons (these are the times when I wish my iPhone 3G was jailbroken!). You can get the iPhone 3G Themes from the iSpazio source.


TourDeFrance 0.2

TourDeFrance The update to version 0.2 of Le Tour de France, a Tour de France guide, makes a few changes to the application. The first change you will notice is that the application has a new icon. A very nice new icon I must say. When the application opens, you will find two new options on the main intro screen…the ability to view the app in French and a ChangeLog option. Once you have selected a language and are in the main menu, you will see two new options; L!ve and Ratings. Both of which are viewable via Edge, WiFi or 3G networks. The L!ve option will give up-to-date information during the races via Tour de France Official or Eurosport UK. All you will need to do is choose one and then select the Live button. The Ratings options will display the overall rating via Eurosport UK. Other changes include; [Read more…]

TourDeFrance 0.1

TourDeFrance Like applications Euro2008 – a European Football Associations Guide and Formula1 – a Formula1 Guide, TourDeFrance is a Guide for le Tour de France. The application will open to the main screen in which you can select your language, as of right now, only English is available. Though, I’m sure we will see more languages added with future updates. Once you have selected your language you will be brought to the main menu here you will see the options; News, Teams with Drivers, Race Calendar, Race Info, Race Map, Last 10 “Winners”, Credits and Select Your Language. The New option will bring you to a menu in which you can choose to see new via Yahoo or BBC Sports. When you select an article from either, [Read more…]

Formula1 1.1-1

Formula1 The only visual change to version 1.1-1 of Formula1, a Formula1 Guide, is that Spanish and French have been added to the list of available language. Other that, the application has all the same features as in the previous version. You can get Formula1 via the iSpazio source.

GoodCalculator 2.0

GoodCalculator I do not see any visual changes to version 2.0 of GoodCalculator. I’m assuming the update does some behind the scenes updating. You can get GoodCalculator via the iSpazio source.

GoodCalculator 2.0

Formula1 Guide 1.0-2

Formula1 Guide Formula1 Guide is an application that gives information about Formula1. When you open the application you will get the main menu where you can pick your language. Right now the only options are English and Deutsch but, I’m sure we will see more in the future.

Once you have selected your language, you will come to another menu with the options; News (WiFi/Edge), Drivers, Teams, Results. Race Calendar, Constructor Rating, Drivers Rating, Credits and Select Your Language. The News options will give you [Read more…]

Sculptor 1.0.2

Sculptor The update to version 1.0.2 of Sculptor fixes a bug in which people were having trouble installing the application. So, you should no longer get the Main Script Execution error when installing this application. You can get Sculptor via the iSpazio source.

Sculptor 1.0.2

GoodCalculator 1.1

GoodCalculator GoodCalculator is a calculator application. It is looks similar to the Calculator in firmware 2.0 and adds a percentage (%), back space (<--) and positive/negative (+-) option. GoodCalculator does not replace your stock calculator, it adds as an additional application on your SpringBoard. It is available through the iSpazio source.

GoodCalculator 1.1 GoodCalculator 1.1 GoodCalculator 1.1

PowerTool 1.4

PowerTool The update to PowerTool changes the app quite a bit. Not only are there new options, the previous options have been renamed. When you open PowerTool you will see the following options; Hard Respring, Soft Respring, Reboot, Verbose Mode and Power Down. Hard Respring will restart the SpringBoard to the lock screen, Soft Respring will restart the SpringBoard without going to the lock screen, Reboot will bring your iPhone to the boot logo screen, Verbose Mode will show the Linux code on your iPhone’s screen during the reboot – showing you [Read more…]