iSpazio Source Updated

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

iSpazio Source Today, the iSpazio source received an update to version 0-5. I have been experiencing a lot of issues with the iSpazio source lately however, it seems that the update has fixed a majority of those issues. So, if you are also experiencing issues, I would suggest installing the update.

Note: The update changes the source’s url. The new url is I have updated the url on our Sources Page. The previous url was



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  1. thanks brooke (:

  2. i cant find the apps for i home

    i need it badly my home button is broken can someone help me?

  3. ihome is now mquickdo

  4. Is update ok for 2G, 3.0 OS jailbroken?

  5. Update Will Take Your Full Jailbreak Off But If U Tell Me Your Address And Number I Will Get U Booked In For An Update With Jailbreak For £13.49