iSpazio Source Update

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

iSpazio Source ispazio0-31 There is an update to the iSpazio source in Cydia. The update changes the source url. I know a lot of you have said that lately you have been experiencing problems with the iSpazio source so, hopefully the update will help. The new source url is

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  1. Finally, it used to crash every time I tried downloading a theme from their source.

  2. URL doesn’t work (403)…

  3. This doesnt work…:( i cant find anything in this source

  4. Please let us know when this gets fixed. Spazio is really starting to piss me off.

  5. Sorry, but the url really doen’t work; what a shame!!

  6. yeah, I’ve got the same question…the host can’t be resolved….

  7. Still having problems, never had a problem before they did this change, get this fixed ASAP!

  8. Still not working . Whats going on ??

  9. why they dont fix this? I just replaced my iphone and I cant download anything through cydia cause of ispazio

  10. Still not working….. I need the Format fix program ASAP


  11. This source does not work. I get a message saying ” did not find repository “. NEW SOURCE???

  12. It’s working again…removed the repository and added again.

  13. Ispazio no worky!

  14. after trying to update ispazio update my iphone will not boot at all..the only thing it does is show the pineapple please

    • TRINIKID_15 says

      Just Hold the sleep button and the home button for 10 seconds, then hold the sleep button then it will show you the apple sign AKA boot logo and your Ipod/Iphone or Ipad is fixed :)

  15. ipod 3generator says

    did i have to install ispazio thing on cydia??!!?!? this source is driving me crazy

  16. A message from iSpazio;

    we are working to transfer our repository on a new -faster- server. In these hours are down (as you can see) but after this , we will be much faster and everything will work again. ok?

    maybe if you add to your sources, you will be able to use and install our packages

  17. Yeah the source url is def not working cydia errors out everytime i try to download the resources its a shame ispazio had some pretty sick apps avail :(

  18. Godman666 says

    Hi there!!! i just found the real iSpazio source

    take care…

  19. ^ OMG THANK YOU SO MUCHHH!!!! iSpazio is a great source! thanks!!!!!

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