BigBoss Source Update – Removes bigbossbetarepo

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BigBoss Source The BigBoss source was recently updated to version 0-10. The update removes the bigbossbetarepo source. So, if you have the bigbossbetarepo source installed and you update the BigBoss source, the bigbossbetarepo source will be automatically uninstalled (and removed). In future beta app releases, BigBoss will release a specific source url that will have to be manually added to the device. See BigBoss’s full article below. Or, check it out HERE on his website. [Read more…]

BigBoss Released Beta Repo, bigbossbetarepo

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bigbossbetarepo BigBoss recently released a new source in Cydia, bigbossbetarepo. The source will contain beta/alpha/test applications. This is not a repo that everyone will want to install. If you install the source, you need to be willing to test applications and give feedback about there performance. Because the apps released in this repository are test and beta, they do have the possibility of crashing your iPhone or iPod Touch (thus, requiring a restore). [Read more…]

iSpazio Source Update

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iSpazio Source ispazio0-31 There is an update to the iSpazio source in Cydia. The update changes the source url. I know a lot of you have said that lately you have been experiencing problems with the iSpazio source so, hopefully the update will help. The new source url is

Updated Sources Page

AiS I spent the afternoon updating our Sources page with all of the current sources available for install via Cydia and ones that can be added manually. I updated the Language Sources section as well. Sourcea with an * indicate sources that can be added through the More Package Sources section in Cydia. Sources without an * will need to be added manually. For more info on adding sources to Cydia (both manually and through Cydia)…check out THIS guide.

Doug updated the Jailbreak, Unlock and Firmware pages as well.

Check them out!

Dev Team Repo Update

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Dev Team Doug and I have noticed in recent days that the Dev Team’s repo, that we had manually added to Cydia, was not working and we were not able to download the newest version of yellowsn0w. Well, it seems that they have released a new source via Cydia. So, no more adding the source manually…just open Cydia and install the Dev-Team source package. When you install the source, you are then able to install the new version of yellowsn0w, 0.9.7, which is compatibly with the “pwned 2.2.1 system (not baseband). Again remember 0.9.7 yellowsn0w DOES NOT WORK WITH 2.2.1 (02.30.03) directly – you need to be running a ‘pwned’ version of 2.2.1 which didn’t upgrade the baseband during the restore/upgrade.” [Read more…]

New Sources – and MacCiti

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Cydia Sources There were two new sources available to be installed through Cydia in the last few days. One was and the other was MacCiti. is a source that includes third-party software and themes. This source is maintained by Stan Weatherby ( The second source, MacCiti, is a primarily a theme source and is maintained by Michael Babiy ( [Read more…]

Sources for Installer Beta

InstallerI found a few sources for the beta for Installer. There’s not a ton of stuff in there but a few fun things. I’m sure more to come.

Rip Dev –
Big Boss –
iSpazio –
German – Migration tool If you haven’t heard of you’ve got to check it out. You visit their website either on your computer, iPhone or iPod Touch and select programs you want to install. It then gives you one source to add to your Installer. They have a lot of other features like top apps, top repos, and sharing your source with others. My source is Just add that and you will see all the apps that I have installed or trust that aren’t in the community sources. I don’t add apps that are in community sources so there are no duplicates.

The point of this article is really about their new Migration tool. If you want to switch to a single source through you can upload your LocalPackages.plist from the /private/var/mobile/Library/Installer/ folder. You will have to get this via SSH. It will import them all into one source automatically. Visit to get started.

This website allows you to search through all of the availble sources and combine them into one source you can manage online. You just search for an app or source title and add it. Then you add your a custom made source just for you with all the once you chose. You can even manage them from your iPhone online. If you find a new source you can submit it and they will test it and add it. Some questions I have with this is if you install an app and then go back to tell a friend source you got it through, will it show the 1 custom source you added or the correct one? And if there is something new out from a source do I have to wait for to add it to their site before I can find it? I guess there is only one way to find out :) Here’s a video demo by

How to Make Your Own Repo Source for Your IPod Touch/iPhone – video powered by Metacafe

More Sources Added

I’ve added more sources to our Sources page:

Trusted by
Use at your own risk!

Conceited Software Beta:
AlliPodHax Source:
BigBoss Beta:
Byooi Digicide: (Jiggy Apps)
BlackWolf: (Extended Preferences)
SOS iPhone(French):

New Sources Added

The following sources have been recently added to our Sources page. Please remember that you install sources “at your own risk” – if you would like to see a list of sources that are trusted by check out our Sources page (trusted sources are green).

AlliPodHax Source:
iPhone For Taiwan (SummberBoard Themes):
[Read more…]

Community Sources Update 3.2

There is an update in the to Community Sources version 3.2…the update changes the url for the Ste Packaging source to – Screenshot below:

Info from Ste:

The latest “Community Sources” package changes the location of my repository’s XML file. Instead of downloading it directly from my site, it will download it from a world-wide caching system. Not only will this eliminate nearly all the traffic to my main server, but it should update faster, for you, as you will get it from the cache closest to you. [Read more…]

Community Sources Update 3.1

There is an update to Community Sources in the through the AppTapp Official source. If you used the Community Sources were automatically installed on your iPhone. Before the update the Community Sources included the Conceited Software and Ste Packaging sources…the update now adds as a source. Screenshots:

Community Sources Update 3.1Community Sources Update 3.1

Malicious Source – JMCO

Please read the following information very carefully…there has been a source titled JMCO –, that was created with the direct intent of harming people’s iPhones! We do not have this source listed on our Sources page however, if you have added it from another place you will want to pay attention to the information below.

Note: Please remember to use discretion when adding sources to your iPhone. We have a list of all the sources trusted by AppleiPhoneSchool on our sources page.

It has come to my attention that the people responsible for the JMCO source have intentionally created a malicious source with the sole intention of mucking up people’s iPhones.
[Read more…]

New Sources Added

We have recently added the following new sources to our sources list:

GravyTrain ‘s Vault – (A theme source that includes user submitted themes)
i.Marine Software: (This is the developer’s source for the app Caissa)
imimux Repository – (This is the developer’s source for the app Real Artist)
Jiggy Main Repository – (This is the developer’s source for the app Jiggy)
Makayama Software: (This is the developer’s source for the app CameraPro)
MeachWare – (This is the new repository for iSwitcher)
Pyrofer’s Projects: