Community Sources Update 3.1

There is an update to Community Sources in the through the AppTapp Official source. If you used the Community Sources were automatically installed on your iPhone. Before the update the Community Sources included the Conceited Software and Ste Packaging sources…the update now adds as a source. Screenshots:

Community Sources Update 3.1Community Sources Update 3.1

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  1. Does this update affect an already jailbroken iPhone or will this update be safe? I have the 1.1.2 with a turbosim. It’s needless to say that I’m not too into the computer skills which so many of you have been very kind sharing with us. I only want to make sure that I don’t do anything stupid (except for asking such questions.

  2. Updating your Community Sources will not affect a jailbroken iPhone.

  3. Why is that i updated community sources but now my STE packaging is gone?

  4. Dan, it did this to me too. I had to manually re-add it :(