New Sources – and MacCiti

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Cydia Sources There were two new sources available to be installed through Cydia in the last few days. One was and the other was MacCiti. is a source that includes third-party software and themes. This source is maintained by Stan Weatherby ( The second source, MacCiti, is a primarily a theme source and is maintained by Michael Babiy (

I have tested application/themes from both of these sources and did not have any issues with the MacCiti source however, I have had a few issues with the source. When I installed one theme from the source, it crashed my iPhone and when I tried to install another theme, I got an error. However, I installed a few others and they installed fine. You always install sources at your own risk so, it is up to your whether you would like to add either of these sources.


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  1. Well, not sure why, but, can’t ad these

  2. Brooke, could we get a post as to the themes that are available through these sources.

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