Community Sources Update 3.2

There is an update in the to Community Sources version 3.2…the update changes the url for the Ste Packaging source to – Screenshot below:

Info from Ste:

The latest “Community Sources” package changes the location of my repository’s XML file. Instead of downloading it directly from my site, it will download it from a world-wide caching system. Not only will this eliminate nearly all the traffic to my main server, but it should update faster, for you, as you will get it from the cache closest to you.

Right now, the XML file will age out of the cache after 12 hours. This means that if I add/update a package, you might not see it for as long as 12 hours, no matter how many times your might manually refresh. Once I’m satisfied that this is working ok, I will tweak the settings so that it ages out of the cache much quicker – probably down to an hour instead of 12.

Community Sources Update 3.2

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  1. I have a problem guys, i have updated the comm source, a problem come out! :(
    I can t do the refresh of source now!! :(

    when I refresh, it doesn t finish!! :(

    I think that the only answer is remove comm source by installer?

  2. You could try uninstalling and reinstalling the Community Sources…let me know if that works.

  3. I uninstall e reinstall now the community source, i doesn’t do a refresh again…. :(

    the refresh work untill half slash, and after it “stop” in a point of slash, and it go in a similar “endless loading”….. :(

  4. well, I have just tried… now works!!! :D

    great! :D

    gn8 mate see u tomorrow ;)

  5. @marc…YAY!!! I’m glad it finally is working!! :)