Sources for Installer Beta

InstallerI found a few sources for the beta for Installer. There’s not a ton of stuff in there but a few fun things. I’m sure more to come.

Rip Dev –
Big Boss –
iSpazio –
German –

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  1. the man who cant says

    hey I downloaded customize (I’m on the 2.0.1 jailbroken iPhone 3g) and I can’t get and wallpapers to work I can get the lockscreen wallaper to work but for the wallpaper behind all the apps….. Well it give me an error.

    • customize did the same for me. I downloaded winterboard and get the themes trough cydia and all works well.

    • That freaked me out a lot!! I used to be a big fan of Customize, but not anymore!! I had to restore my iPhone twice in order to change the wallpaper again. Try Winterboard instead!

    • ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

      Hey Rocket, how are you?

      Hmmm, not sure why, but Customise – the english spelling ;-) is working fine for me on 2.01 jailbroken with pwnage 2.02. Could there be a software conflict for any of you guys? – apologies if I have got it wrong.

    • I think Cydia is light years ahead of Installer right now.
      Talk of User Friendly at this point. cydia is better.

  2. Customize doesn’t work for me either… I’m on 2.0 v1 iphone…

  3. hey doug, i know this isn’t part of it but i tried to download mivtones from cydia (i’m on 2.0.1) and it gave me an error…. have you tried downloading it? if u get a chance, please reply and help

  4. After installing the latest of everything, right now I cannot download anything out of big boss.
    Keep getting an error message saying. “file doesn’t exist”
    Maybe it might be something on his side, but unlikely.

    Also, if I add a source on cydia, it will find files, however it will not download either. I can download the default ones that came with cydia though.

    Help please.

  5. Hey Doug,

    Did Rip Dev release Kate for 2.0.1 in Installer?

  6. Thank you for this. I am just using installer to see if there are different apps available, but I prefer Cydia.

  7. Adriankenny says

    I cant get rid of my sources, how do i forcefully get rid of them?

  8. Andy Zuniga says

    how about some custom sources for Cydia?? I dont really trust Installer at a Beta state, I prefer using Cydia as well as acidcloud.

  9. under 1.1.4 i used to be a huge installer fan, but now i’m all about cydia. installer is just way too buggy under 2.0.1.

    unless they make some serious improvements to installer really soon i think it’s likely to be remembered as an also-ran.

    at any rate, i’m super excited to have 2.0.1 jailbroken. thanks dev team!

    rip dev, please focus on kate now. my 6-month subscription is wasting away.

    • ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

      Same here, miss Kate big time, and my sub ends in october :-(

      Also I love Cydia, but do miss Installer. Still, Rome was not built in a day and I would imagine the guys there are running on empty at the moment. Everyone pressured the release, so Beta comes out and people are panicking ‘cos it is not perfect. Patience is a virtue ;-)

    • Steve anderson says

      ahhhh I love cydia it’s crap crashes phone all the time

  10. we need a copy n paste feature

  11. i keep getting the “file doesnt exsist” on my part as well. must be something on their end?

    can someone give us “beginers” a walkthrough of how to update from 1.1.4 jailbreak to 2.0 jailbreak?? please i’ve been going crazy since the 2.0 jailbreak has been out but i can’t find any “understandable” way to update my 1.1.4 jailbroken iphone!! :( all this “ssh it” and stuff make it look to complicated.
    please heeeeeellpp!!!

    • dude you can find great tutorials all over youtube…thats how i got from 1.1.4 to 2.0.1…..i’m a newby too but its not rocket science..just look around you’ll find it! good luck

    • ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

      Hi Dimz, do not panic ;-) Hope you are on mac, otherwise I may be about to give you bum info!!!! On mac simply plug in your 1.1.4 and click RESTORE on the iTunes Summary page. BE WARNED THIS WILL WIPE ALL THE CUSTOM STUFF AND LEAVE YOU WITH THE STANDARD APPLE STUFF. Then download pwnage 2.01 from the following:

      Follow the excellent guided steps and you are on your way ;-)

      PS – If I have got anything wrong, oops, sorry!!!!

    • If you are on Win, just check for the latest WinPwn guide, follow it step by step. Works perfectly.

  13. I really don’t like the new Installer. I found it a lot more over viewed in the old one. I don’t know why they took the search field away. And an extra menu for all the installed apps would be better.

    besides of that I cant wait for Kate!!!! and Taskbar Notifier should be in their soon.

    Which Apps are you waiting for?


  14. I have got a other good source for Installer.
    It is from Germany but everything is in English.

    They have a lot of Carrier Bundle and some Fixes

  15. Does anyone know whether what’s available on Cydia and Installer will be the same ? I really don’t want to have both installed it’s so redundant. I hope it’s all gonna be the same stuff on both so I can just stay with Cydia.

    Anyone has some info ?

    • cydia will probably have some more stuff, even in future. as ive read, installers new reposystem is quite complex/complicated which is why some sources are just going to stay with cydia, not moving to installer.

      im going to wait for the installers next update anyway. cydia hasnt caused me any problems yet.

    • ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

      Same here, Cydia has been a dream. As far as I know, both installers share some stuff and some stuff is only available on one or the other. When I had my 1.1.4 on my 8 GB I found different things on Cydia and Installer, so I would guess the same will happen again?

  16. re- HELP PLEASE!!

    do i just download Download 1st Gen iPhone 2.0 5A347 Firmware from the firmware page and then restore while pressing shift? is that what we are suppose to do to get the 2.0 firmware?? someone help!!

    • make sure your itunes is pwnd

    • ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

      Dimz, read your first post, I have replied to you ;-)

    • what do you mean pwnd?? :S

      Confusious thank you, i have been looking on youtube but what i find is either for Mac users or some sort of programme that you have to download and write applications in it!!

      are you using windows Confusious?? can you post the link the the youtube clip that you used please??
      Thank you!!!

    • hey you need winpwn then goto ipsw builder on winpwn and put in your firmware then wait….. After that press ipwned I think then it will say “iTunes has been pwned”. After that open up itunes again and put your iPod/phone into dfu recovery mode by holding sleep/home button till it shuts off then keep holding it for 2 more seconds then only let go of the sleep button and keep holding the home button until itunes recognizes your device in recovery mode but your device should still have a black screen. After that shift restore to the CUSTOM FIRMWARE and it will restore your iPod or iPhone and when it’s done you will have cydia,installer,and the app store.

  17. anyone notice when you restore your phone to a firmware made by winpwn it won’t let u use the back up you made?

  18. Another source, in French Even if most of the packages are in French, they are really good for creating fixes and everything…

  19. I am I the only one that can’t download anything in installer, I keep getting Error Messages, I hope it is just a bug with beta, the only sources that worked were these ones that gave me. I am sticking to cydia. But if some one can help please speak up!

  20. the man who can't says

    hey I was the first one to comment and I have everything on customize working except the wallpaper. But thanks for the winterboard tip

  21. THANK YOU SO MUCH :) I AM A HAPPY MAN! woooohhhhhhooooooooo

  22. i have a problem now :s
    after going through all the instructions on

    my firmware has updated to 2.0 but:
    installer4 keeps crashing
    i keep getting source error on cydia, i can’t download anything and i can’t add any sources on it
    appstore keeps asking me for login and password :S

    is that normal???

  23. This is unrelated… I just noticed that my camera is jacked up. When I go to take a picture it shows up VERY PINK and messed up. Has anyone else experienced this problem ? know how to fix it?

    • this is weird…. but i kinda slapped the corner of it on the camera lens side… and it started working properly again. weird. haha.

  24. How to create source for Installer 4?

  25. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM…just waiting on KATE and the Customizer to work

  26. Can anyone tell me if Mobilescrobbler is available for 2.0.x yet?

  27. Just download the community sources and you’ll get all except German.

  28. Why can’t i find any of the apps that Brooke and Doug have talked about?? my cydia aopens but i get alot of “source error”. am i suppose to add any sources to cydia?? but how i can’t find any!!
    is installer4 suppose to keep crashing and say “error: unable to decode package…”????
    i just updated from 1.1.4 to 2.0 using winpwn and i’m getting all these problems, what do i dooooo??? HEELLPP again i’m sorry!

  29. installer stinks the wallpaper in installer does not work. cydia s better forget installer

  30. The bigboss repositories doesn’t work yet. Installer need to get Fix big time. I wish that rip dev team or what eva. Fix up when you finish installing something from installer you press home and it start respring. They should copy cydia..

  31. why can’t i find Mx tube or bitesms or winterboard or bossprefs on cydia?? is there sources to be added???
    and when i download bitesms from installer4 it keeps crashing.
    my mail app keeps crashing too…:(
    why did i upgrade from 1.1.4 to 2.0 it’s so depressing!!!!!
    i know i’m getting annoying guys but please heeeeeeellppp!!!

  32. It wont let me download the community sources it came with. All I keep getting is “Failed script command on line 4: CopyPath,” and “Operation could not be completed.(com.apptapp.installer error 3.)” If anyone knows what that means, please help me.

  33. Yes I’m getting the error for (com.apptapp.installer error 3.) too. Did anyone come up with a solution for this?

    Also, why can’t I run this from the command line? I’m trying to debug over command line but it’s not letting me run it.

  34. Okay, it has something to do with the way you are zipping the file as a repository host. I took their default package and it worked fine. But if it take the default package, unzip it, and rezip it back it will generate the com.apptapp.installer error 3 problem.

    I tried this on all platforms and still can’t get it to zip properly. Anyone knows what I’m doing wrong?

  35. I just jailbreaken with pawnage with iphone 3G and downloaded cydia and installer.Cydia is fantastic!but I can’t get to update installer 4.0 and most of the stuffs are same as in Cydia.Everytime i reboot all my icons were completely mixed up and i have to remove installer.I am only interested 1 app in installer, it call Dock with the sunburst. Can you please help!
    John Ban.

  36. Can any one help me, I m on 2.0.2 jailbroken, and want to install WeDict on my iPhone, and I don’t have an account with app store. So can any one help me to find out what to do to install WeDict.

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