iAppcat.com Migration tool

iAppcat.com If you haven’t heard of iAppcat.com you’ve got to check it out. You visit their website either on your computer, iPhone or iPod Touch and select programs you want to install. It then gives you one source to add to your Installer. They have a lot of other features like top apps, top repos, and sharing your source with others. My source is http://iappcat.com/r/7501 Just add that and you will see all the apps that I have installed or trust that aren’t in the community sources. I don’t add apps that are in community sources so there are no duplicates.

The point of this article is really about their new Migration tool. If you want to switch to a single source through iAppcat.com you can upload your LocalPackages.plist from the /private/var/mobile/Library/Installer/ folder. You will have to get this via SSH. It will import them all into one source automatically. Visit iAppcat.com/migrate to get started.