iPhone 3G Unlock yellowsn0w Sources Now Available!!

Dev Team Well, it is official, an iPhone 3G unlock is now available! Here is a link to the article that contains the iPhone 3G unlock sources. We are linking to the actual article instead of just posting the sources in case they are ever changed. They provide one source for Cydia and another for Installer. All you need to do is add the corresponding source into Cydia or Installer on your iPhone 3G…if you need instructions on how to do so please see our f.a.q. page.

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  1. its works and if you need to reboot(shut down then turn on) and you will see your signal go away if you legit att sim in and then signal will return in 5-10 sec then you can install other sim cards and it works.

  2. finaly, thanks and it works perfectly!!!

    iSilver switzerland

  3. This is amazing and can also be considered a Christmas gift from the Dev Team as they said the unlock wouldn’t work beyong baseband 2.11.00.

    Now EVERYONE can unlock their favorite phone! :D I am a legit AT&T subscriber so it doesn’t apply to someone like me. But it’s nice to know that the option is now available.


  4. Installed it and it does not work! Tried both Installer and Cydia. There’s still ‘No Service’

  5. I unlocked my 16g 3g locked on 02 in england.. It now works with any sim. It was done in under 2mins that is amazing dev team thanks for sharing all your hard work. :-)

  6. Will this work with the preserved baseband?

    • u mean baseband prior to 2.2? You would have to update first and then install it.

    • Thanks .. I had to upgrade to the real 2.2 anyway, I was hoping there is a way to upgrade the baseband only without restoring the firmware.

      It is working now, but I just need to find a solution to the dropping 3G data network connection which happens every minute for about 20 seconds each!

  7. Will this allow me to use my iphone 3g on the verizon network? If so,how? if not, will it ever be possible?

  8. Bravo Dev Team.

    A related question: in the US, at this point what stores are selling the iPhone 3G that can be activated online (at home as opposed to in store)? Is it true with the Walmart iPhones? Any other stores?

    I would love to buy one of these in the US, unlock, and bring it back to Germany to use with the DE Vodaphone 3g network.

  9. I installed it, I can see the t-mobile with full bars but when I try to make a phonecall it says conection failed and all my bars will go away. Can anyone help please!!!!

    • honeyhunter says

      It worked for me. I’m on T-mobile iphone 3G 16GB 2.2. I installed yellowsn0w from cydia, then installed mobile terminal from cydia. Need to reset network settings. Reboot. Reinsert SIM card. Go to mobile terminal and type: yellowsnOw -c (return) then yellowsn0w -r (return) then yellowsnOw -q. if you get busy commandline, reboot and repeat the steps. when done go turn on airplane mode on then off. wait for 1-2 mins and BAMMMM T-mobile signal (everything works: sim in/out, calls in/out, EDGE, wifii, etc.) THANKS DEV-TEAM!!!

  10. This is not what I would call a stable unlock, like the unlocking of a typical GSM phone, including the Blackberry and the original iPhone. This is some kind of patch and it has serious issues. The biggest issues with many Rogers customers in Canada and AT&T customers in the States is that calling out on the native SIM card doesn’t work with Yellowsn0w installed. Also, when using a third party SIM card, the network often disappears, then reappears. So the Dev Team has a way to go on this one, though they’ve done a remarkable job getting to this point.

    I have removed it from my phone. I’ll reinstall when a more dependable release arrives.

  11. I tried it and it works, but the signal comes and goes. I confident the dev team will make an update and some time soon it will work flawlessly.

  12. I have an update. They released version 9.5. It worked flawlessly. For five minutes. Then the same old issues. Third part network disappeared. No out calls with native, Rogers SIM.

    I’ve removed it again.

  13. I did it they came out with a new version today yellowsn0w 0.9.5 and it works perfectly!!!! just uninstall and install again download mobile terminal type: yellowsnOw -c (return) then yellowsn0w -r (return) then yellowsn0w -q restart the phone turn off airplanemode turn it back on and you’re good to go

  14. honeyhunter says

    I’ve been using mine for 3 days and its perfect. FYI: If you rebouot your phone you have to do the whole process all over again.

  15. I did a successful Jailbreak and have yell0wsnow running. When I drop in my Sprint sim card I get “no service”. I have a 16GB 3G – is Sprint not gonna work? Any/all advice would be very much appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance all!

  16. Wei Loon Poh says

    i have install the yellowsnow at the cydia and reboot the system, but after the reboot, my iphone 3g has been locked and cannot be unlock.. help…..

  17. I’ve tried using this guide to unlock my iPhone 3G but now I can’t get any signal on T-Mobile, anyone else had this problem or know how to fix?


  1. […] and I have noticed in recent days that the Dev Team’s repo, that we had manually added to Cydia, was not working and we were not able to download the newest version of yellowsn0w. Well, it seems […]