BigBoss Released Beta Repo, bigbossbetarepo

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

bigbossbetarepo BigBoss recently released a new source in Cydia, bigbossbetarepo. The source will contain beta/alpha/test applications. This is not a repo that everyone will want to install. If you install the source, you need to be willing to test applications and give feedback about there performance. Because the apps released in this repository are test and beta, they do have the possibility of crashing your iPhone or iPod Touch (thus, requiring a restore).

If you decide to install bigbossbetarepo, you will need to also install Openssh (and be comfortable with ssh’ing) and logmailer (which allows you to inform developers of issues with their applications).

BigBoss does say that applications released in the bigbossbetarepo repo will eventually make their way to the main BigBoss source. So, if you do not want to beta test application and take the risk that it might include, just hold out until they are released in the main source.


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