New Sources Added

The following sources have been recently added to our Sources page. Please remember that you install sources “at your own risk” – if you would like to see a list of sources that are trusted by check out our Sources page (trusted sources are green).

AlliPodHax Source:
iPhone For Taiwan (SummberBoard Themes): (Chiafa): (iBirthDay source)
Polish – iPolish(1.1.2):
Shai’s Apps:
Touchmod Team:
Wizdom on Wheels (Common Website Links):

Apple (not really Apple): –

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  1. I’ve added these to my “all sources” package which now installs 75 sources in installer in one go!

    I have not added the non-english sources yet as I intended to create an “All Sources Non-US” package very shortly.

  2. Just remember that when you install All Sources you are getting ALL SOURCES and you may not know whether or not they can be trusted. I have also noticed that because of large amount of sources it adds to your iPhone…the Installer is a lot slower and the refresh time is a lot longer. Just an FYI.

  3. Zahir Bhuiyan says

    Sir we r interested to biz wit u for apple ifhone .so details know me about apples.

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