BigBoss Source Update – Removes bigbossbetarepo

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BigBoss Source The BigBoss source was recently updated to version 0-10. The update removes the bigbossbetarepo source. So, if you have the bigbossbetarepo source installed and you update the BigBoss source, the bigbossbetarepo source will be automatically uninstalled (and removed). In future beta app releases, BigBoss will release a specific source url that will have to be manually added to the device. See BigBoss’s full article below. Or, check it out HERE on his website.

I put up a betarepository a month ago with the intent to have it host unstable packages for hacker level users that wanted to take an extra risk and were both willing and able to provide syslogs for debugging problems. This actually worked well for the BossPaper initial release.

It turns out that many users that did not fit the above description installed this repository anyway. In addition, all sources packages included it. Those “all sources” packages are dangerous and no one should ever install them.

The result of all this is that a bunch of end users have installed my latest beta updates intended for beta testers only. Due to that, I now have had Saurik release an update of the bigboss repository that conflicts with the beta repository. This will uninstall the beta repository from everyone when they upgrade the main source.

I will be posting the beta repository URL for users to manually type in for each beta test in the future and I will expect only users capable fo debugging problems (without complaining mind you) will install it.



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  1. i knew that would happen (people ignoring the “hacker” part). bigboss made a smart choice to change it. and he’s sooo right about not adding the whole enchilada (sources). anyway, many of those relate to localization and a given person wouldn’t need them.

    nice site update here, btw!