New SummerBoard Themes

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

SummerBoard There are a few new SummerBoard themes in the Installer. Two of the new themes (Radiance and Soft) are available via the iSpazio source. Does anyone who upgraded to 2.0 like seriously miss their jailbroken iPhone?? I know I do! At least we have a test iPhone that is still jailbroken so I don’t feel quite as restricted!

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  1. nope i dont really miss it, all the applications on my jailbroken iphone were getting boring. and when updating to 2.0 i found it very unstable but with the app store it makes everything better. plus that texas holdem game for $4.99 rocks!!

  2. I hate the stock dock, and I want my reflective dock and 5 icon dock back. I do love the new apps and I can’t wait for Twinkle!

    • ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

      With you all the way doug, I miss the themes and the reflective dock more than anything else. The itunes apps are great, but I hate the black background on the iPhone.

      On a different issue, has anyone tried downloading ringtones from itunes? I purchased three different message tones straight onto my iphone, and yet when I go to the settings for the sounds the three purchased tones are not available to change the text message notification – HELP!!!!!

  3. I’m with Doug…maybe once I have Twinkle I will be more content. I just miss all the customization…themes, carrier logo, system strings, badges, lock screen….that kind of stuff! I will say that I do like some of the App Store games though, they can start to add up fast. I have a feeling some people are going to be shocked when they receive a copy iTunes bill in their email.

  4. Bernardo Lima says

    i really need a mix of 2.0 + jailbroken 1.1.4

    i can’t lose all my apps, but I want some of the 2.0 features..

    and I definitely NEED that Aqua Forest app in my 1.1.4!

    • evolution rgb off installer is almost as good
      its free, runs on 1.1.4, n has no lag that aqua forest experiences when u hav a bunch of water

    • Bernardo Lima says

      i have rgb installed on my 1.1.4..

      but the aqua forest looks preetier xD

  5. Hey. I’m glad you liked my themes! I always wished you guys would advertise my theme on AppleiPhoneSchool! :)

  6. On 2.0 and loving it EXCEPT the custom icons, themes and utilities like the Battery display showing exact percent of battery remaining. Almost all the apps I really used are in the app store and most all of them are better too!

    Do you think it is possible to create themes in the SDK? Has anyone talked about themes in the App store discussions?

  7. I love the Radiance theme, and I used the template to create some icons that were missing, you are welcomed to use them.
    The icons I created so far are:
    -FreeMap (a free real-GPS navigation application… can connect to external gps and find routs offline- like every normal navigation software. Sorry guys but it only works in Israel so far.)

    just put the files in /private/var/mobile/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/Radiance
    i think its this path on 1.1.3, not sure about the other versions.


  8. eh, i miss it somewhat. moca vnc makes me miss the jailbreak with touchpad though. missing it less everyday really :)

  9. Don’t be sad dev-team are on there way!!!! :)

  10. soul snatcher says

    hey there!
    Brooke & doug, I need help, cud u guys suggest how to upload themes at installer cos I made pretty lot and most of em r on customize and ppl love em, but dunno how to post on installer, it’ll be great if u helped.
    Thanx & keep on,,,,,, cheers