MCallShow 1.0

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MCallShowMCallShow is an application that allows you to search for information based on a phone number. When you open the application, you will get a screen saying that you have a 15 day trial before you will need to purchase the app. However, when I went to the applications website to see how much it would cost to purchase the app it says $0.00. So, I’m not sure what the deal is with that! You can just select Cancel to be brought to the the main screen where you will see the options; Local Country (which will automatically be filled in for you), a search bar, City, Region, Others, Country and Contact. You are then able to enter a phone number into the Search bar and it will display the City, Region, Others, Country and Contact for the phone number.

However, this application does not work for me…well, maybe it does and I just don’t know it! When I enter a phone number and select search, it finds the City, Region and Country however it displays the answer in either Chinese or Japanese neither of which I can read! This is actually the second release of this application and I had the same problem with it when it was released the first time. Let me know in the comments if it works for you. It could be a handy application for finding out info about phone numbers you don’t recognize on your caller ID. You can get MCallShow via the iSpazio source.

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  1. Works great for me. You have to build the US database since it only comes with the Chinese region. Download the tool to build the database from the iPhones own call database. Also the iPhone does the city origin search if the number is not in your contact list by clicking the blue arrow in the recents list.

    • Hey T-webb can you pleaseeee send me your .mdb file? i can seem to figure out how to build one correctly… i keep making them then nothing happens. Id really appreciate it if you could send me urs.



      AIM : nastyuser

    • File sent.

    • Twebb can you send me your .mdb file. I’m having the same problem ad Daniel.



    • Hi TWEBB
      how are you???
      Can you help me TWEBB please?????????????????????????
      i install this program and i register also , then they send me active key but it doesn’t work , during register i have seen something like this “*#06#” but i didn’t use it . they says that there is something wrong with data base , so i don’t see any tools for that.
      please help me TWEBB
      my e-mail is

    • File sent Ray

    • avicenna, I would advise that you reinstall the program and get a refund. I’ll email you the package along w/ the US data base.

    • Here’s a rapidshare link I hooked up w/ the US Database.

    • Thanks for the file. I’ll add when i get home. No wifi here at work.


    • Cant someone make a universal database that has the entires of all countries?
      or atleast a central repository where we can download most of the databases based on the countries.
      also, is it possible to use multiple ,mdb files ie. switching between databases through mcallshow?

    • That file would be huge and it would take people from every country to contribute. Yes you can switch between multiple mdb files but I think only one is active. If there was a universial file it wouldn’t work since there’s no way to specify the country code within the file. The name of the mdb file relates to the country code. 1.mdb is for the US and 85 or 86.mdb is the country code for china.

    • T,,, Did you make the US Database for T-Mobile…?

  2. same here for germany, the database has to grow a bit.

    then it´ll be useful

  3. LOL 1.1.4 is nothing compared to 2.0

    • You think so? 1.1.4 doesn’t have the bugs 2.0 has and we have applications that you can only hope for on 2.0. You, my friend are very mistaken.

  4. how do you build the us database i don’t see a tool for it

  5. nvm i figured it out

  6. i’m having he same problem Brooke is having. Anyway to correct it?

  7. Hi all
    i install mcall show , but it doesn’t work. i hope they work on it , it’s a fantastic program ‘ if it’s work good