iCountry – Quickly View Basic Info About All European Countries

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

iCountry iCountry is a simple application that allows you to quickly view the basic info for all European Countries.

Once you navigate your way through the alphabetically list of the European countries and find the one you are looking for, you are able to view; the Capital, Official Language, Anthem, Area, Currency, Calling Code, a map of the country, the national flag of the country and the coat of arms for the country. You are also provided with a direct link to that country’s info on Wikipedia so you are able to find out more about the specific country.
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CallCounter 3 – Track Call Information

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free Trial then $2.99  

##ICON_NAME## It seems CallCounter, an application that allows you to view call duration information based on specific inputs, has been slightly redesigned and rereleased as CallCounter 3. The app contains basically the same features; the ability to filter the calls by a specific date, the ability to choose the type of calls (incoming, outgoing or both), the ability to choose calls from a specific person or all calls, a pie chart of the calls and the total duration of the calls (based on the options chosen). There are a few new options including; the ability to exclude specific periods of time and the ability to change the start date of the month. [Read more…]

PrivaCy – Keep App Store Apps From Tracking Your Personal Information

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

PrivaCy Saurik recently released an application in Cydia called PrivaCy. PrivaCy is an application that allows you to “selectively opt-out of sending anonymous usage statistics” to certain providers such as; Flurry, Medialets, Mobclix and Pinch Media. According to a recent post by the Dev-Team, there is some concern over App Store applications that track the user’s information including; usage and geo location. You can read Saurik’s full description of the application below. [Read more…]

New iPhone Alerts Twitter Feed

iPhone Alerts We have added a new iPhone Alerts Twitter feed to the right side of the website. Here you will see iPhone announcements, breaking news, sweet new apps…basically any new information about the iPhone or iPod Touch. The info is hand-picked and will be very up-to-date. You can view it on the side of our website or you can follow it on Twitter.
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Apple’s iPhone Optimized User Guide

Apple's User Guide If you are looking for a way to learn a little bit more about your iPhone or maybe have a question about how a specific feature works…you might want to check out Apple’s iPhone User Guide. It is a nicely iPhone optimized user guide with a ton of info. The User Guide’s web address is http://help.apple.com/iphone. You have to be on an iPhone or iPod Touch for the Guide to display correctly. [Read more…]

iPhone 3G S New Features

iPhone 3G S With all the information out there, it can be a little confusing on what exactly the new features are on the iPhone 3G S. So, below is just a simple list of the new features.

Note: These are the new features of the iPhone 3G S itself and not the 3.0 firmware. [Read more…]

SysInfoPlus – Detailed Info about your iPhone and/or iPod Touch

Ok guys, here is the deal…I’m going to do my best to explain this application however, I have to admit that about half of it means absolutely nothing to me! :) So, I will keep it brief and give you some screenshots (hopefully I don’t leave any info that I shouldn’t in the screenshots!!).

Here we go, SysInfoPlus is basically an application that gives you probably every piece of information available to give about your iPhone or iPod Touch. When you open the app you will see five options on the lower menu bar; System, Process, Memory, Disk and Network.

In the System option, you will find a ton of system information. Everything from Load Average to Battery Info to Network Interface Info to Storage Specs to Device Info to Kernel Info to Hardware Info. I mean seriously…like everything you could ever want to know!
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MobileLog – Manage Call and Text Messages

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free 6 Day Demo – $7.49  

mobilelog MobileLog is a very nice application that allows you to manage your calls and text messages. When you open MobileLog, you will get a pop-up asking if you would like to Buy the app (the app is $7.49), Activate the app (which is done after purchasing the app) or Continue Demo (it is a 6 day demo). Once you have chosen your option, you will be brought into the application.

There are a ton of features in this app so, lets quickly walk through them. Across the top menu bar (left to right), you will find Edit, All Calls icon, Missed Calls icon, Received Calls icon, Dialed Calls icon and a Trash icon. Edit allows you to delete specific calls from the list. Note: Any calls that are deleted in the MobileLog application will also be deleted from your stock Phone application on your iPhone. All Calls allows you to view all Missed, Incoming and Dialed calls in once list starting with the most recent. Missed Calls will display all your missed call starting with the most recent and the Dialed Call option will display all your dialed calls starting with the most recent. The Trash option allows you to delete all the calls with one tap. At the bottom of each list you are also given the total number of calls and the total duration of all the calls. [Read more…]

MCallShow 1.1

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free 15 Day Trial – $4.99  

MCallShow There has been another release for MCallShow. I tend to keep an eye on the updates for this application because in the past it has never worked quite right for me so, I like to check out the updates to see if things have improved. MCallShow is an application which gives you more detailed location based information about incoming and outgoing calls. It seems that the user interface has not drastically changed however, the database for the application has changed. It used to be when you opened the app, it would automatically find your local Country. Now it seems that you need to actually install the database for your Country. The current Country databases include, Australia, China, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain and Thailand. There website says that there is also a database for the USA/Canada but, I did not see that is Cydia. [Read more…]

Issues when Updating App Store Apps

App Store Doug noticed awhile ago (which I’m sure most of you have as well) that when you update an application in the App Store, it completely deletes the application’s icon off your iPhone and then re-adds it in the first available spot on your iPhone’s SpringBoard (instead of leaving the application where you had it on your SpringBoard). This can be slightly annoying if you have all your apps organized exactly how you would like them. Recently, we have also heard that some people are losing their previously saved games, scores and log-in information when they update an application. I have not found this to be true. All the apps that I have updated have kept my previous information. Let us know in the comments if you have experienced data being erased when updating an application.

MCallShow 1.0

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

MCallShowMCallShow is an application that allows you to search for information based on a phone number. When you open the application, you will get a screen saying that you have a 15 day trial before you will need to purchase the app. However, when I went to the applications website to see how much it would cost to purchase the app it says $0.00. So, I’m not sure what the deal is with that! You can just select Cancel to be brought to the the main screen where you will see the options; Local Country (which will automatically be filled in for you), a search bar, City, Region, Others, Country and Contact. You are then able to enter a phone number into the Search bar and it will display the City, Region, Others, Country and Contact for the phone number.

However, this application does not work for me…well, maybe it does and I just don’t know it! When I enter a phone number and select search, [Read more…]

AppleTap 1.6.5

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

AppleTap The update to version 1.6.5 of AppleTap changes the lower menu bar. Instead of including; Features, Apple, Search and Mac vs PC…it now includes Featured, Apple and More. In the more options, you will find; Mac vs PC, Search, and the Timeline. There have not been any changes to the functionality of the options, they have just been moved. In the Apple option, the classic section has been removed and only contains current products. There were also a few commercials added to the Mac vs PC section, a few more products added to the Timeline and the apps files have been cleaned up. The only issue I am having with this application is [Read more…]

AppleTap 1.6.1

AppleTap The update to version 1.6 of AppleTap and the quick update to version 1.6.1 make one change to the application and fix a few bugs. The one change to the application is a good change…it makes scrolling through the pictures MUCH easier. Instead of tapping once to go to the next picture, double tapping to go back to a previous picture and tapping with two figures to get back to to get back to the previous menu…now you can just scroll through the pictures and double tap to get back to the menu. A great improvement! You can get AppleTap through the ModMyiFone source.

MyBattery 1.1

MyBattery The update to version 1.1 of MyBattery activates the Settings option. In the previous version of MyBattery, the Settings option was not available yet. In the Settings you will find a quite a few options including; the ability to change the colors of the Background, Font and Warning; the ability to toggle on/off the Internal and Headset Battery Image, Detailed Info (that is the information below the battery that displays the percentage of the battery), Charging Info and the ability to change the font size; the ability to turn on/off the refresh timers detailed info, adjust the timers refresh rate (from 5 seconds to 60 second) and adjust the refresh timer’s font size and the ability to restore all the settings. [Read more…]

Formula1 Guide 1.0-2

Formula1 Guide Formula1 Guide is an application that gives information about Formula1. When you open the application you will get the main menu where you can pick your language. Right now the only options are English and Deutsch but, I’m sure we will see more in the future.

Once you have selected your language, you will come to another menu with the options; News (WiFi/Edge), Drivers, Teams, Results. Race Calendar, Constructor Rating, Drivers Rating, Credits and Select Your Language. The News options will give you [Read more…]