MobileLog – Manage Call and Text Messages

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free 6 Day Demo – $7.49  

mobilelog MobileLog is a very nice application that allows you to manage your calls and text messages. When you open MobileLog, you will get a pop-up asking if you would like to Buy the app (the app is $7.49), Activate the app (which is done after purchasing the app) or Continue Demo (it is a 6 day demo). Once you have chosen your option, you will be brought into the application.

There are a ton of features in this app so, lets quickly walk through them. Across the top menu bar (left to right), you will find Edit, All Calls icon, Missed Calls icon, Received Calls icon, Dialed Calls icon and a Trash icon. Edit allows you to delete specific calls from the list. Note: Any calls that are deleted in the MobileLog application will also be deleted from your stock Phone application on your iPhone. All Calls allows you to view all Missed, Incoming and Dialed calls in once list starting with the most recent. Missed Calls will display all your missed call starting with the most recent and the Dialed Call option will display all your dialed calls starting with the most recent. The Trash option allows you to delete all the calls with one tap. At the bottom of each list you are also given the total number of calls and the total duration of all the calls.

You will notice that when you are viewing a list of calls, it displays the Contact in which the call represents (or the phone number, if it is not one of your contacts) as well as the date and time in which the call was made or received. If you acutally spoke to the person, it will also display the duration of the call in parentheses after the date and time. If you tap on the arrow next to a specific call…you can view more information about the call including; the four most recent calls you have made/received from that number, the option to call the number and the option to send a text message to the number. If you select the Log option in the upper right corner, it will display a list of all the missing, incoming and dialed calls made to or received from that specific number. It will then change the Calls info at the bottom of the list to reflect the number total number of calls from that number and the total duration of all the calls.

On the lower menu bar, you are also given a Messages option. Here you will find basically the same layout and information only for your received and sent text messages instead of calls. If you tap on the arrow next to a specific text message, you are able to see the entire message and well as delete the text. Note: This will delete the text message from both the MobileLog application and your stock SMS application on your iPhone. The only feature this option is missing is the ability to send a text message back to the contact.

The last option on the lower menu bar are the Settings. Here you are able to change some General settings, Notification settings and Data setting. All of the setting option are self explanatory or well explained…which is nice! You are also able to purchase the app from the Setting menu.

Overall, a solid application with a nice user interface and quite a few features. I had no crashing problems or glitches while testing this application.


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  1. This app has been out for a long time (used to be called iLog) and it works great. I have it as a complete replacement for my recents list and it really fills out the gaps in the standard app. With iLog, Cycorder, SwirrlyMMS, Snapture and biteSMS (now with quick reply and has landscape keyboard) – the iphone has finally surpassed my cell phones of 5 years ago in terms of basic features lol

  2. It does seem like a nice app, I downloaded it yesterday and have had a number of problems. the trial went from 6-days to 5 days within the hour, I’ve set it to replace the phone ap and that’s not working and I’ve set it to beep and chirp and it won’t do either and when I try to set the on and off times for notifications it crashes. Hmm, maybe it’s my iPhone.

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