MyBattery 1.1

MyBattery The update to version 1.1 of MyBattery activates the Settings option. In the previous version of MyBattery, the Settings option was not available yet. In the Settings you will find a quite a few options including; the ability to change the colors of the Background, Font and Warning; the ability to toggle on/off the Internal and Headset Battery Image, Detailed Info (that is the information below the battery that displays the percentage of the battery), Charging Info and the ability to change the font size; the ability to turn on/off the refresh timers detailed info, adjust the timers refresh rate (from 5 seconds to 60 second) and adjust the refresh timer’s font size and the ability to restore all the settings.

The Restore option allows you to restore each individual setting (Restore Colors, Restore Internal Battery, Restore Headset Batter, Restore Refresh Timer) or you can choose to restore all. No matter which option you select, you will get a pop-up in which you can choose whether or not you would like to restore the settings. I personally like to have the ability to customize applications to fit my preferences and this app definitly allows that! You can get MyBattery through the ModMyiFone source.

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