MyBattery 1.1

MyBattery The update to version 1.1 of MyBattery activates the Settings option. In the previous version of MyBattery, the Settings option was not available yet. In the Settings you will find a quite a few options including; the ability to change the colors of the Background, Font and Warning; the ability to toggle on/off the Internal and Headset Battery Image, Detailed Info (that is the information below the battery that displays the percentage of the battery), Charging Info and the ability to change the font size; the ability to turn on/off the refresh timers detailed info, adjust the timers refresh rate (from 5 seconds to 60 second) and adjust the refresh timer’s font size and the ability to restore all the settings. [Read more…]

MyBattery 1.0

MyBattery MyBattery is a simple application that displays information about your battery. When you open the app, you will see a your current battery and below it will be your battery percentage and whether or not your battery is charging. The application will update every 10 seconds. Which means, to avoid battery drain, do not leave the application open for long periods of time. The About option will give you a little more information about the application and a link to the developer’s website. The Settings option [Read more…]