Apple’s iPhone Optimized User Guide

Apple's User Guide If you are looking for a way to learn a little bit more about your iPhone or maybe have a question about how a specific feature works…you might want to check out Apple’s iPhone User Guide. It is a nicely iPhone optimized user guide with a ton of info. The User Guide’s web address is You have to be on an iPhone or iPod Touch for the Guide to display correctly. [Read more…]

Flickr – Now iPhone Optimized!

Available via Safari       Price: Free  

mflickr Flickr has launched a new iPhone optimized site. If you love flickr, you will LOVE their new mobile site! It offers basically all the functions of the “normal” flickr website. You are able to view recent activity, your recent activity, your contacts recent activity, your contact list, search, view comments, leave comments, view your favorites, sets and collections, star a photo, view the photo in a larger size…etc. It is really really nice. I was also surprised by how quickly the site runs. I was on WiFi and it ran really nicely!

The only thing the mobile site does not have is the ability to organize your photos and a slideshow option. You will definitely want to check it out to get the full feel of the new site. Just head over to Screenshots below. [Read more…]