iPad 2 – What You Need to Know

Apple’s iPad 2 Event took place today and I must say… they put more into the iPad 2 than I expected. Check out the list of new features below. The iPad 2 will be available in the US on March 11th and in 26 additional countries on March 25th (see screenshot below). It will have the same pricing as the 1st gen iPad.

Below is a list of the new features that the iPad 2 will include:
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Apple’s New iPod touch Commercial – Next Level of Fun (Updated)

Ok, so I couldn’t find a list (at least the correct one :) ) of the games that were demoed in the iPod touch ad Next Level of Fun, so I decided to figure it out myself. I think I got them all right. Below is the list in order that they appear (links to App Store).

Top Gun
Real Racing
Monster Trucks Nitro
3D Rollercoaster Rush
Touch Hockey: FS5
Homerun Battle 3D
Tiger Woods PGA Tour by EA Sports
Finger Foos
Slope Rider
• A tiny second of a game… I can’t tell what it was!
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Hudson Entertainment Announces New Games to Hit the App Store this Fall

Available In: App Store       Price: Coming Soon  

Hudson Saftware Hudson Saftware, who already bring us Aqua Forest, Puzzloop and many others, will be releasing four new games this September (so, like now). The four new games include; Knights of the Phantom Castle, Military Madness: Neo Nectaris, Aqua Forest 2 and World RPS. There is no info on the exact release date or if they will all be released at once over just starting in September over a period of a few months. Below is specific info about each game. [Read more…]

Pangea Software Releases Enigmo 2

Available In: App Store       Price: $2.99  

Enigmo 2 Pangea Software has released Enigmo 2. If you are like me… you probably are asking yourself why you would buy Enigmo 2 when you already have Enigmo. Well, it seems they have totally revamped the game. The puzzles are now in 3D and contain new elements such as; laser beams, plasma, gravitoids, teleporters… etc. It looks pretty sweet. Check out the screenshots, description, demo video and press release below.

Also, $2.99 is just an introductory price so, if it looks like a game you would like, you might want to pick it up now.

Enigmo 2
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Apple Changing US iPhone Carrier?

Apple According to a recent article by AppleInsider, there is evidence that the iPhone might be available through other carriers, besides AT&T, within a year!

Gene Munster, senior research analyst with Piper Jaffray, predicts that Apple will announce new carriers in the summer of 2010. [Read more…]

i.TV 2.0 Coming Soon – Remote Control, TiVo Remote, New UI, Push Notifications

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

i.TV It seems the the i.TV is going to be getting quite the update. Version 2.0 of the application is boasting all sorts of few new features including; Remote Control, TiVo Remote, New UI, Push Notifications and iTunes integration.

We have always been fans of the i.TV application but, the update looks like it is going to be pretty cool. It is currently in review by Apple so, we should see it in the next few weeks. Below is more info about the new features, a screenshot, full press release and a video demo. [Read more…]

Facebook 3.0 Submitted to App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Facebook About a month and a half ago, we wrote about the 3.0 update for Facebook and all the new features it was going to include. Yesterday Joe Hewitt, the developer of the App Store Facebook application, submitted the update to the App Store. So, now it is up to Apple. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for an app to be approved by Apple. We will see if this one gets through faster or not. I don’t know about you guys but, I’m totally stoked for the “new” facebook app! More details are to come later this week! [Read more…]

BossPaper Beta Updated – Version 0.95

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

#BossPaper BossPaper, a wallpaper application, has been updated to version 0.95. The update includes quite a few bug fixes but does add some new features. Some noteworthy new features include; you can now choose wallpaper from the stock Wallpaper category, the Single Image option is now available, you have the options to turn off the random feature and there is now a Delete All option in the wallpaper section. The full change log for version 0.95 is below. The application is still in the BigBossBetaRepo and has not been released in the main BigBoss repo but, hopefully we are getting close. It really is a very cool application. Remember, you can stay up-to-date on the apps progress HERE. [Read more…]

New Poll – What new features of the iPhone 3G S do you like most?

Poll Now that we actually know what the new features of the iPhone 3G S are, I thought I better update the poll! A few weeks ago, we had a poll with some of the rumors of the iPhone 3G S. Below are the results of that poll.

What features do you think we will see with the next gen iPhone? (choose as many as you would like)

* More Storage (32GB and 16GB) (73.0%, 498 Votes)
* Faster Processor (76.0%, 522 Votes)
* More RAM (68.0%, 464 Votes)
* 3.2 Megapixel Camera (72.0%, 495 Votes)
* Video Recording (71.0%, 482 Votes)
* OLED screen (38.0%, 258 Votes)
* Built-In FM Transmitter (33.0%, 223 Votes)
* Illuminated Apple Logo (28.0%, 189 Votes)
* Turn-By-Turn Directions (53.0%, 363 Votes)
* Rubber Tread Backing on Device (22.0%, 152 Votes)
* Longer Battery Life (75.0%, 513 Votes)
* No Metal Band Around Edge of Device (22.0%, 148 Votes)
* Video (Picture) Messaging (62.0%, 425 Votes)
* Built-In Compass (41.0%, 279 Votes)

Total Voters: 683

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iPhone 3G S New Features

iPhone 3G S With all the information out there, it can be a little confusing on what exactly the new features are on the iPhone 3G S. So, below is just a simple list of the new features.

Note: These are the new features of the iPhone 3G S itself and not the 3.0 firmware. [Read more…]

New Writer to AppleiPhoneSchool.com – JMCato

AiS We are adding yet another writer you the AppleiPhoneSchool team!! We are totally excited to add Justin (yes, another Justin) to the team! During the day, Justin spends his time as a professional photographer…seriously, how cool is that! He attended Des Moines Area Community College for one year before transferring to Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turner Falls, MA where he received a certificate of completion. Justin likes to spend his spare time playing guitar, shooting pics, playing Xbox and (of course) mastering his iPhone. Speaking of which, Justin stood in line for an hour and half on July 11, 2008 in order to purchase his black 8GB iPhone 3G.
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New Writer to AppleiPhoneSchool.com

AiS A couple months ago, we added David to the AppleiPhoneSchool team (who is doing an awesome job!). Well, we are excited to add yet another member to the team. Usually I write a little intro paragraph about new writers but, I thought I would try a different format this time around…Q&A! So, here we go…lets learn a little bit about Justin. [Read more…]

New Web Site Design

AiS Hi guys! Welcome to the new web site design! I know…we have been talking about a new design for a long time now but, we have been working hard on it the last few weeks and it is finally ready for launch (at least as far as we can tell! :)). We hope you enjoy the new design and some of the new features that it brings. Our goal was to create a site that is constantly changing and up-dating thus making it more interactive. If you are really scared…just select the Blog option on the top menu bar and it might feel a little more comfortable! :) Let us know in the comment what you think.

New Writer to AppleiPhoneSchool.com

AiS With the new year, comes a new writer to Apple iPhone School. We are very excited to be adding David to the team! By day, David is a High School Chemistry teacher…go Chemistry!! :) By night, he is a lover of all gadgets but is partial to his iPhone 3G (which he stood in line for on that wonderful July day). He is an experienced blogger, check out his blog, and that combined with the love for his iPhone has led him to become a part of our writing team. David does bring a new perspective to the table as he has a stock (unjailbroke) iPhone 3G. Look forward to reading his reviews of App Store apps and iPhone accessories.

Cydia Update 1.0.2684-40

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Cydia I was surprised to open Cydia and see any update for Cydia itself! The update to version 1.0.2684-40 of Cydia does make some nice changes to the application.

The first change I noticed was that when you select an application in Cydia, there have been a few changes to the look of the package Details page. The first change you will notice is that the icon, title of the app and version of app are now at the top of the page. Below this, there is now a new option; Change Package Settings. This option allows you to turn on/off Show All Changes. It says that the Changes option (on the lower menu bar) will only show upgrades to installed packages however, you can turn on Show All Changes for any application that you do not have installed to see any changes made to it as well. The other new addition to the package details page is nice new icons next to each section! Which I think look great!! [Read more…]