i.TV 2.0 Coming Soon – Remote Control, TiVo Remote, New UI, Push Notifications

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i.TV It seems the the i.TV is going to be getting quite the update. Version 2.0 of the application is boasting all sorts of few new features including; Remote Control, TiVo Remote, New UI, Push Notifications and iTunes integration.

We have always been fans of the i.TV application but, the update looks like it is going to be pretty cool. It is currently in review by Apple so, we should see it in the next few weeks. Below is more info about the new features, a screenshot, full press release and a video demo.

New Features:
Remote Control: i.TV now combines the TV guide and the remote control on an iPhone or iPod touch. Remote controls are powered by the i.TV Remote Control Framework, which allows third parties to develop remote controls for use on the i.TV platform.

TiVo remote: TiVo is the first to introduce a soft remote on i.TV. You can now change the channel, fast forward, record and most importantly play your favorite shows and movies, with just a tap on your iPhone or iPod touch.

New look: i.TV now has a simplified and streamlined user interface.

iTunes: From within i.TV, discover related TV and movie content and then tap to download from iTunes.

Push notifications: Set alerts for when your favorite TV shows air. Never miss a show again.

Demo Video:



Press Release:

i.TV redefines the universal remote control

TiVo® remote is the first integrated soft remote for i.TV on the iPhone and
iPod touch

PALO ALTO, California–August 17, 2009–i.TV today announced the i.TV Remote
Control Framework that gives third parties the ability to develop solutions to control
external devices such as a television, an AV receiver or DVR via i.TV on the
iPhone and iPod touch. The Tivo® remote is the first integrated remote control on
i.TV for TiVo subscribers with a broadband-connected TiVo DVR.

“With i.TV, you can now use your iPhone or iPod touch as a remote control for
televisions, DVRs and other home entertainment devices,” said i.TV CEO, Brad
Pelo. “By bringing together the television guide and remote control on a mobile
device you carry in your pocket, i.TV will change how people discover and watch
television shows and movies.!We are pleased that TiVo is the first of our partners
to introduce remote control capabilities for their customers who use i.TV.”

“TiVo is about giving the user control of the television experience,” said Jim Denney
vice president of product marketing at TiVo Inc. “Having the TiVo remote
available through i.TV is another way TiVo customers can access the content
they want, the way they want.”

The i.TV Remote Control Framework gives development partners a flexible platform
upon which to re-imagine the traditional remote control. For example, developers
can make alphanumeric keypads for channel number entry optional and
instead present users with a graphical user interface where they can tap on images
or links to change channels on a television.

Remote controls built upon the framework use scripts that define user interface
elements and key press behavior for controlling external home entertainment devices.
Device discovery and communication between the iPhone or iPod touch
and external hardware are handled via the Bonjour protocol or Apple”s External
Accessory Framework for Bluetooth accessories.

Also new in i.TV 2.0
• New user interface — Streamlined and simplified UI and user experience,
based on feedback and usage data from millions of i.TV users.
• iTunes integration — From show detail screens, discover and instantly download
download relevant television episodes, movies, and podcast content from
• Alerts – Using the iPhone OS push notification capabilities, i.TV now allows
users to set alerts for specific, upcoming shows or simply ask for an alert anytime
a new episode will air.

Pricing and Availability
i.TV 2.0 with integrated TiVo remote control, iTunes integration and new user interface
is free and will be available in August from the iTunes Store.

About i.TV
i.TV (pronounced eye-dot-TV) is an application for the iPhone and iPod touch
that helps people discover, share and consume media. With i.TV, users can
browse hundreds of thousands of up-to-date local TV and movie listings, as well
as a catalog of hundreds of thousands of TV and movie titles available for download
and DVD rental. i.TV also includes community features and allows people to
write reviews, rate shows and recommend shows to friends via an e-mail alert.
i.TV enables users to watch movie trailers and television previews, purchase
movie tickets, manage their Netflix queues, and use their iPhone or iPod touch
as a remote control. Founded in April 2008, i.TV is headquartered in Palo Alto,

TiVo is a registered trademark of TiVo Inc. and its subsidiaries worldwide.

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  1. What exactly is TiVo? sorry for my lack of knowledge but it doesn’t exist in my country and I can’t be bothered going onto wikipedia ;-)

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