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AiS A couple months ago, we added David to the AppleiPhoneSchool team (who is doing an awesome job!). Well, we are excited to add yet another member to the team. Usually I write a little intro paragraph about new writers but, I thought I would try a different format this time around…Q&A! So, here we go…lets learn a little bit about Justin.

What do you during the day?
I work at an 8-9th grade middle school as a phys. ed and drumline instructor.

Where do you go to school and what for?
I graduated from a Bible college in Iowa and am now working on my master’s degree online from a seminary in Pennsylvania. I want to be a pastor when I grow up!

What are some of your hobbies?
I love music, mountain biking, and my mac.

Where/when/how did you get your iPhone?
I actually got my iPhone from a guy on craigslist. I have had a blackberry for 18 months and was looking for an option to reduce my monthly bill. I wanted something that would give me productivity at a lower price yet would still be fun. So I picked up a 1st gen iPhone. I didn’t have plans to activate it, just jailbreak it.

What is your favorite thing about your iPhone (app or whatever)
I love how it is user friendly. Most people, including kids, can sit down and figure it out in a matter of minutes. I have friends that have had their BlackBerries for years and still have no idea how it works. The keeper for me with the iPhone though was the app from Remember the Milk. I absolutely love that app!

Any other info for us?
I am on twitter: @drumdog00
Personal website:

We are super excited to have Justin as part of the team. As he mentioned, he has a jailbroken (and fake activated) 1st gen iPhone…so we look forward to seeing both Cydia and App Store reviews from him! Welcome to the AppleiPhoneSchool team Justin!

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  1. Cool! More interesting posts to look forward to.

  2. Congrats. Hope you do a great job. :)

  3. Is this the famous David Ashmon who brought us reflective icons?

    • Nope…he is just AppleiPhoneSchool’s David! :) However, the new writer is Justin. So now we have David and Justin…Yay!

  4. Congratulations Justin. I look forward to Reading your posts. :)

  5. me too

  6. Hey Justin. cant wait to read your posts :D

  7. Thanks everyone! My next review is going to be on the InstallerApp for Mac. Let’s say I have quite a bit to say because of my adventure with this one! :)


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