AIS App Updated

Apple iPhone SchoolJust a little update to our app. Matthew updated the icon so it’s the correct size. Before it was a little smaller than most icons. He’s also looking into speeding it up a bit. If you have any other ideas, let us know in the comments.


Apple iPhone School App Now Available!

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Apple iPhone SchoolThanks to our number one fan, we now have an iPhone app! Matthew Batey tweeted me this morning and sent me these two screenshots of an app he made for us.

97583399 97583316

Right now it’s available through his source at and I’ve added that source to our Sources Page. He has some other stuff in there too so check it out! He’s submitted it to the BigBoss repo too. [Read more…]

AppleiPhoneSchool Mobile Site Update

AiS Today, Doug updated AppleiPhoneSchool’s mobile site. The update adds some new features such as; easier access to tags and categories, ability to email, tweet or share posts, ability to change the font size and we have added a few more links to the drop down menu. But, best of all, the posts no longer jump back to the top when it’s finish loading… YAY! Check out the screenshots below. [Read more…]

New Web Site Design

AiS Hi guys! Welcome to the new web site design! I know…we have been talking about a new design for a long time now but, we have been working hard on it the last few weeks and it is finally ready for launch (at least as far as we can tell! :)). We hope you enjoy the new design and some of the new features that it brings. Our goal was to create a site that is constantly changing and up-dating thus making it more interactive. If you are really scared…just select the Blog option on the top menu bar and it might feel a little more comfortable! :) Let us know in the comment what you think.