New Web Site Design

AiS Hi guys! Welcome to the new web site design! I know…we have been talking about a new design for a long time now but, we have been working hard on it the last few weeks and it is finally ready for launch (at least as far as we can tell! :)). We hope you enjoy the new design and some of the new features that it brings. Our goal was to create a site that is constantly changing and up-dating thus making it more interactive. If you are really scared…just select the Blog option on the top menu bar and it might feel a little more comfortable! :) Let us know in the comment what you think.

myPixelArt – Think Lite-Brite…iPhone Style

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

myPixelArt myPixelArt is an application that reminds me of the Lite-Brite I loved as a kid…only iPhone style! When you open the application, you will see three options; New, myGallery and Settings. In the Settings, you are able to turn the sound on/off, learn more about the application and get help using the app. To get started, select New.

You are then able to choose between three size work areas; small, medium and large. Once you have chosen a size, you will be brought to the design screen. To create an image, just tap on a pixel on the screen which will light it up. You can change the color of the “lights” by selecting the icon in the lower left corner. It will keep your past three color choices on the lower menu bar so that you are able to quickly switch between them (a very nice feature!). To add a title to your design, just tap on the upper menu bar where it says, New ArtWork. You can also resize the work area by pinching on the screen (the standard zooming technique). [Read more…]

WWDC Apple Design Awards 2008

During the WWDC last week, Apple gave out awards to the best deigned iPhone Applications. There were five categories; Best iPhone Game, Best iPhone Healthcare & Fitness Application, Best iPhone Social Networking Application, Best iPhone Entertainment Application and Best iPhone Productivity Application. Below are the results and I will have to agree with Apple…all these applications look aweseome!

Best iPhone Game
Enigmo Enigmo 1.0 – Pangea Software, Inc.
Enigmo for iPhone is a 3D puzzle game where players construct mechanisms to direct lasers, plasma, and water to toggle switches, deactivate force-fields, and eventually get them to their final destination. Originally the most unique game that Pangea Software ever created on Mac OS X, the new iPhone version brings the concept to a whole new dimension by taking full advantage of iPhone’s Multi-Touch interface for dragging and manipulating puzzle pieces, zooming in and out, and operating game controls. With gorgeous 3D scenes rendered with OpenGL ES and amazing 3D audio produced by Open AL, Enigmo 1.0 for iPhone delivers a phenomenally engaging and addictive game play experience to iPhone and iPod touch.


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