WWDC Apple Design Awards 2008

During the WWDC last week, Apple gave out awards to the best deigned iPhone Applications. There were five categories; Best iPhone Game, Best iPhone Healthcare & Fitness Application, Best iPhone Social Networking Application, Best iPhone Entertainment Application and Best iPhone Productivity Application. Below are the results and I will have to agree with Apple…all these applications look aweseome!

Best iPhone Game
Enigmo Enigmo 1.0 – Pangea Software, Inc.
Enigmo for iPhone is a 3D puzzle game where players construct mechanisms to direct lasers, plasma, and water to toggle switches, deactivate force-fields, and eventually get them to their final destination. Originally the most unique game that Pangea Software ever created on Mac OS X, the new iPhone version brings the concept to a whole new dimension by taking full advantage of iPhone’s Multi-Touch interface for dragging and manipulating puzzle pieces, zooming in and out, and operating game controls. With gorgeous 3D scenes rendered with OpenGL ES and amazing 3D audio produced by Open AL, Enigmo 1.0 for iPhone delivers a phenomenally engaging and addictive game play experience to iPhone and iPod touch.


Best iPhone Healthcare & Fitness Application
MIM MIM 1.0 (alpha) – MIMVista, Corp.
MIM for iPhone is a revolutionary medical imaging application that provides multi-planar reconstruction of fused data sets such as PET/CT, which are crucial in diagnosing cancer. MIM lets physicians retrieve patient images wirelessly on their iPhone or iPod touch, manipulate and adjust them using simple gestures to isolate crucial pieces of data, and gather important data for a patient diagnosis on their rounds. MIM’s features include true dynamic multi-modality image fusion, multi-planar volumetric image reconstruction, linear measurement tools, Quantitative Standardized Uptake Value ROI, fusion blending between PET/CT and PET/MR, and display of PET, CT, MR, and Nuclear Medicine images. MIM takes advantage of technologies including Core Animation, Foundation/Core Foundation, UIKit, WebKit, and the accelerometer.

Best iPhone Social Networking Application
Twitterrific Twitterrific 1.0 (beta) – The Iconfactory
Twitterrific is an iPhone version of the Iconfactory’s popular desktop application of the same name and is a perfect match for iPhone’s capabilities and innovative user experience. Designed specifically for iPhone, Twitterrific provides both high and low density views suited for different usage scenarios, one-handed operation optimizable for right or left-handed users, and an attractive and polished user interface that feels at home on iPhone. Twitterrific uses iPhone OS technologies extensively including Core Location to integrate geographic location and help people communicate their whereabouts, Core Animation for subtle animation effects to reinforce state changes, WebKit for the built-in browser view and integration with Safari, libxml to provide the fastest and most efficient parsing of XML data returned by the Twitter REST API, and integration with Maps making it easy for people to locate friends, family or co-workers.


Best iPhone Entertainment Application
AOL Radio AOL Radio 1.0 – AOL LLC
AOL Radio brings mainstream streaming online radio to iPhone and iPod touch with over 200 AOL and 150 CBS radio stations. With a simple-to-use interface, AOL Radio is like an FM tuner for your iPhone. Written entirely in Cocoa, AOL Radio uses Core Location to determine a user’s location and offer the nearest local radio stations from a nationwide footprint. Reliable audio streaming and improved battery life are achieved by using AudioFileServices and AudioQueueServices, while SCNetwork manages the best narrowband or broadband streaming based on whether users are connected via EDGE or Wi-Fi.

AOL Radio
Best iPhone Productivity Application
OmniFocus OmniFocus 1.0 (pre-release) – The Omni Group
Getting things done is simple with OmniFocus, a professional-grade personal information management tool utilizing a proven task-management methodology. Already a popular application for Mac OS X, the iPhone version of OmniFocus takes its powerful functionality mobile. OmniFocus for iPhone makes it easy to create and manage tasks, projects, and contexts on-the-go while staying completely in sync with your desktop via .Mac or WebDav. With the built-in iPhone-only geolocator, OmniFocus can also log photo snapshots of a user’s current location as well as recommend things to do nearby. Using iPhone OS technologies and services like Cocoa, SQLite, Core Location, Address Book framework, and iPhone camera, OmniFocus is a truly integrated, iPhone Human Interface compliant application that sets a great standard for others to follow.

To see a list of all the Awards from WWDC, you can check out Apple’s WWDC Page.

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  1. I bet if they had an app for cooking recipes, they would have come up with a Best Kitchen Utility award :)

  2. the only one I would actually download is AOL radio.

    I don’t really get twitter. I don’t know anyone who even has it/heard of it. what is its main purpose? is it an instant messaging app?

  3. I would download Enigmo 1.0!

  4. @iName Don’t know anyone who’s heard of Twitter? Dude (dudette?), you need to get out more… :-) Twitter’s now estimated to have 2 million users, and that number’s just based on what can be measured. The full count can’t be tallied by the web measurement firms because so many users are on cell phones.

    And iPhone is only pumping those numbers even more! The Twitterific iPhone app looks cool. I’ve been using apps like Halho and Thincloud on my iPhone, which have been available since before the SDK was released. They both work well, but I’m anxious to try Twitterific, too…

    • twitter isn’t really popular in Europe, I think. Dont have a clue either what it actually can do better than Facebook for example. I dont really need to share my personal pictures with the rest of the world, neither the fact if I’m taking a shower or playing tennis at the moment. People hate all the Big Brother privacy thing,but they’re all posting their lives on the net for millions of people to read… i really dont get it..

  5. what is the source for Enigmo??

  6. wheres moocowmusic they’re the best

  7. what is the source for Enigmo??

    • Aussiephone says

      There is no source for Enigmo. It’s a game that will only be available through the Appstore when firmware 2.0 is released. You will have to pay for this one I’m afraid.