AppleiPhoneSchool Mobile Site Update

AiS Today, Doug updated AppleiPhoneSchool’s mobile site. The update adds some new features such as; easier access to tags and categories, ability to email, tweet or share posts, ability to change the font size and we have added a few more links to the drop down menu. But, best of all, the posts no longer jump back to the top when it’s finish loading… YAY! Check out the screenshots below.


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  1. Cool update! :)

  2. it looks great!

  3. Well done good work guys

  4. I like the update guys very sleek and more user friendly! :D

  5. Hi! Nice update.

    Can you place the Font button at the post title or close to it? I think is better if I incrase the font size before I read the post.

  6. yup yup. I updated my blog’s mobile site to do this as well. pretty sick stuff!!

  7. theiphonerocks says

    is that jump back to the top something the website creator specifies or is that apples doing, bc im on edge and it sucks half way through a page to be taken back up

    • It’s done by the website. This is the main reason I updated because I wanted to remove this from ours. I’m going to look and see how I can remove it from all pages. It seems right now it’s still doing it to our home page.

  8. Thank you sooooooo much for turning off the auto jump to the top thing.