BossPaper Beta Updated – Version 0.95

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

#BossPaper BossPaper, a wallpaper application, has been updated to version 0.95. The update includes quite a few bug fixes but does add some new features. Some noteworthy new features include; you can now choose wallpaper from the stock Wallpaper category, the Single Image option is now available, you have the options to turn off the random feature and there is now a Delete All option in the wallpaper section. The full change log for version 0.95 is below. The application is still in the BigBossBetaRepo and has not been released in the main BigBoss repo but, hopefully we are getting close. It really is a very cool application. Remember, you can stay up-to-date on the apps progress HERE.

0.95 Change Log:
    • Used better randomization algorithm. The images seemed to be repeating too often.
    • When locked, image was switching one more time. Fixed this so that the image did not switch on lock.
    • Added sequential ordering option to show images in order rather than randomize.
    • Added Wallpapers folder to images to select folders.
    • Added some explanation on dock replacement screen when winterboard is installed that winterboard will be used to replace the dock.
    • Added single image(s) selection. You can select images by browsing the folders on the flash disk. If both images and folders are selected, all will be rotated. If you have folders selected, you must delete them if you wish to show only images. You can also preview the images.
    • Made the prefs app switch paper when closed if a preference reload is required so the user “feels” like something is happening.
    • Took some extra steps to make sure no timer is running if only 1 image is selected.
    • Added a “delete all” button for image mode. (Note this button is intentionally difficult to press).


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