Pangea Software Releases Enigmo 2

Available In: App Store       Price: $2.99  

Enigmo 2 Pangea Software has released Enigmo 2. If you are like me… you probably are asking yourself why you would buy Enigmo 2 when you already have Enigmo. Well, it seems they have totally revamped the game. The puzzles are now in 3D and contain new elements such as; laser beams, plasma, gravitoids, teleporters… etc. It looks pretty sweet. Check out the screenshots, description, demo video and press release below.

Also, $2.99 is just an introductory price so, if it looks like a game you would like, you might want to pick it up now.

Enigmo 2


Demo Video:

App Store Description:

The best puzzle game for the iPhone has entered a new dimension! Enigmo 2 is the successor to our award winning puzzle game, Enigmo. There are streams of falling water droplets, plasma and laser beams, and your goal is to get them into their container by using the various puzzle piece that you are given. Enigmo 2 goes to a new dimension as the puzzles are now three-dimensional! We’ve also added tons of new gameplay elements including lasers, plasma, gravetoids, teleporters, gravity inverters, etc. There are 50 all new levels in Enigmo 2, and an awesome music soundtrack!

The original Enigmo won the 2008 Best iPhone Game award from Apple, among many other awards, and it is one of the Top 20 best selling iPhone apps of all time. Enigmo 2 raises the bar even farther with increased performance, more dazzling graphics, and even better gameplay.

Enigmo 2 was designed to run great on all iPhones and iPod Touches, but if you have an iPhone 3GS you will be even more pleased because this game makes special use of the increased performance of the 3GS!

Press Release:

Austin, Texas – September 02, 2009 – Pangea Software, one of the leading iPhone game developers, announced today that Enigmo 2, the sequel to their award winning puzzle game, is now available for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

“We’ve taken Enigmo 2 to a new dimension,” stated Brian Greenstone, president of Pangea Software. “The puzzles in Enigmo 2 are now three-dimensional, and we’ve added many new gameplay elements including laser beams, gravetoids, plasma, teleporters,and more.”

While designed to run on all iPhone and iPod Touch models with iPhone OS 3.0, Enigmo 2 also takes advantage of the increased performance capabilities of the iPhone 3GS. Users with the iPhone 3GS will benefit from extra effects and an incredibly smooth gameplay experience.

Enigmo 2 challenges players to position puzzle pieces such as bumpers, slides, sponges, and so on in order to divert the flow of falling water droplets, plasma particles, and laser beams so they can reach their destination. The original Enigmo game which was released last year has won many awards including “Best iPhone Game, 2008” from Apple, and it is one of the Top 20 all-time best selling iPhone apps.

Enigmo 2 Features:

– Full interaction using the iPhone touch screen
– 50 challenging levels
– Move and rotate the various puzzle pieces to solve incredible 3D puzzles
– Incredible audio soundtrack

Enigmo 2 is currently available at a special introductory price of just $2.99.

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  1. Just looking at the screenshots I am pretty sure that this is the same as the computer version. The 3D element defiantly adds difficulty, or at least it did for me.


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