Application Sale; Aqua Globs – $0.99, Enigmo 2 – $2.99

##ICON_NAME## Aqua Globs is currently on sale for $0.99. Down from it’s original price of $1.99. The app will remain on sale until the next update is released. Once the update is released it will go back up to the original price.

“Qwiboo proudly presents Aqua Globs – a fun, bewitchingly addictive game! Very easy to get into with the main aim to gain points by joining cute wiggly globs. Touch and drag to navigate them and join them together. But watch out! Blue & orange globs don’t like each other, and you only have three lives!

Will you be able to handle the gaining speed as time goes on? Before you know it, the globs are coming from every angle! Keep your cool to navigate the little foolish creatures! Aqua Globs is an entertainingly strategic game where agility and quick thinking are essential. Guaranteed you won’t be able to put down this tantalizingly exciting game that will always having you wanting ‘just one more go’!”

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Pangea Software Releases Enigmo 2

Available In: App Store       Price: $2.99  

Enigmo 2 Pangea Software has released Enigmo 2. If you are like me… you probably are asking yourself why you would buy Enigmo 2 when you already have Enigmo. Well, it seems they have totally revamped the game. The puzzles are now in 3D and contain new elements such as; laser beams, plasma, gravitoids, teleporters… etc. It looks pretty sweet. Check out the screenshots, description, demo video and press release below.

Also, $2.99 is just an introductory price so, if it looks like a game you would like, you might want to pick it up now.

Enigmo 2
[Read more…] iPhone App Give Away

EnigmoMacheist is giving away free iPhone apps for their Christmas promotion. Go to and watch the Christmas tree for free apps! Apps just show general info and link to the App Store in iTunes as they grow bigger but once they get full size they will start to wiggle. That’s when you click on them to see if you’ve won. So far I haven’t won any but I will post here once I have.

On another note, please excuse my previous version of this post. I thought that they were giving away a free version of Enigmo 2 for the iPhone tomorrow. It seems that it’s just for the Mac and not the iPhone but it’s still free! Thanks to Stevey101 for catching this for me! Sorry about that!

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